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Photographing People
with Jennifer Spelman
July 6 - July 11, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

“Jennifer is a very good instructor, a master photographer, and a natural teacher. She is encouraging, never condescending and shares her passion for photography.” Sally Harmon, past participant, Photographing People with Jennifer Spelman

Would you like to bring more skill and confidence to the process of photographing people? Join Jennifer and discover how to approach a subject with an active eye, heart, and mind, ready to observe and capture the moment.

Through daily assignments, participants learn effective methods for approaching strangers, working with models, and putting friends and family at ease. We learn to focus our sensitivity on the subject in an effort to create images that are not only interesting to look at but compelling and evocative as well. Jennifer gives special emphasis to a simple working process that involves key portrait techniques: movement, depth, and the use of available light.

With a colorful and diverse population, Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico provide stunning environments for creative photography while offering a wealth of portrait opportunities to test newfound skills and build confidence. In addition to spending time out in the field utilizing these new skills, we also engage in critiques and lectures. Throughout, Jennifer is on hand to provide on-the-spot guidance and instruction.

Come prepared to bring out the best in yourself and your subjects!


Jennifer Spelman: Jennifer Spelman is a freelance editorial and documentary photographer. She received her photographic training as an assistan...

© Jennifer Spelman
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