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People of Character: Capturing the Soul of Your Subject
with Paul Mobley
June 22 - June 27, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

“Paul is in a category by himself. He is passionate, knowledgeable, hard-working, approachable—and a very talented photographer.” Jan Cohen, past participant, People of Character with Paul Mobley

Developing sensitivity, honing communication skills, and perfecting technical skills in order to create portraits that are deeply in tune with the human spirit is the goal of this workshop with acclaimed portrait photographer Paul Mobley. Portrait photography is about people, yet the ability to relate effectively to our subject is not an innate talent. A gifted storyteller and skilled technician, Paul demonstrates how to capture a subject’s soul to tell a person’s unique story in a single image or series of images as well as control the lighting to complement the portrait’s message. From this inspiring start, participants explore and refine their talent for connecting with subjects and developing their lighting techniques to produce portraits that convey clarity and truth.

Participants have daily opportunities to practice their skills in the Workshops Studio and around Santa Fe, working first with experienced models and then with complete strangers. Local ranches, the Farmer’s Market, and the streets of Santa Fe offer ample opportunities to find willing subjects. The ability to engage and build trust is the most important factor in portrait sessions, and Paul works individually with each participant to guide this vital process. There is also a black-and-white day for those wishing to enhance and strengthen their vision using this iconic art form.

The ”soft” techniques required for making compelling portraits are of primary concern, but technical matters are always a consideration. We learn how to use the camera to transform the face of a stranger into a portrait filled with heart, soul, and character. Paul also demonstrates his artificial lighting techniques in the studio and on location to enhance the portrait.

By the workshop’s end, participants have acquired the technical skills coupled with the ability to comfortably communicate and engage with a wide variety of people in order to collaborate on portraits from the soul.


Paul Mobley: Paul Mobley is a commercial photographer who graduated from Detroit's Center for Creative Studies and then moved to New York ...

© Paul Mobley
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