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Intensive: Photographic Retouching
June 21 - June 22, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

►►SORRY, THIS WORKSHOP WILL NOT BE RUNNING. However, we are offering another Photoshop workshop with Josh Withers and an Image Enhancement with Nik Software workshop with Tony Corbell.

Discover new techniques for portrait retouching that leverage the powerful image-processing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop to enhance the average portrait subject, without the necessity of special artistic skills.

Lee's 40 years of experience in photography spans the transition from film to digital, giving him an invaluable perspective on retouching. During your time with him, you get acquainted with essential retouching techniques, including removing blotchy red skin and evening out skin color without painting or cloning, lightening dark skin and darkening light skin, precision dodging and burning to minimize wrinkles without disrupting skin texture, shaping and sculpting the image using Liquify, and smoothing skin with two different approaches that iron out large defects while preserving fine skin texture. You also learn how to create a special “skin-glow” effect, as well as enhance eyes with simple techniques that add extra sparkle.

Lee works on several sample projects from start to finish, illustrating the retouching techniques that take your portrait photography to the next level. With the help of a little computer cleverness, you learn how to create portrait enhancements the rival those of the experts.

Tuition for this Intensive includes two lunches.

© Lee Varis
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