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Intensive: Portraits with Flash
June 21 - June 22, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

“I learned so much. Bobbi is inspiring and tough, which is a good thing!” Kristin Rehder, past participant, Intensive: Portraits with Flash with Bobbi Lane

Flashes are convenient and lightweight alternatives to studio strobes or battery packs, and they provide photographers with the same results. By mastering portable flash techniques, you can create interesting and effective portraits.

With Bobbi's help, participants learn how to determine when to get the flash off-camera to create various lighting patterns and how to choose the right power settings for each scene. There are two primary ways to use a flash: as a main light source or as a fill—and adding an additional flash gives us even more options.

For a portrait to be successful, concept must be complemented by technique, all aspects of which must harmonize: pose, tonalities, mood, expression, camera angles, backgrounds, and, of course, lighting.

Bobbi demonstrates a variety of modifiers that control the quality of light so it matches the intended mood of the portrait: umbrellas, soft boxes, grids, and diffusion panels, to name a few. We examine the best use of radio remotes and the flashes' internal triggers to control the power and ratios; we also cover special effects such as strobe/blur, day for night, and gelling lights in mixed-light situations. You come away with a strong foundation in lighting, knowing how to get great images with one or two flashes.

Tuition for this Intensive includes two lunches.

© Bobbi Lane
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