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Fine-Art Black-and-White Printmaking
with Tony Bonanno
April 22 - April 25, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Tony’s knowledge of and skill at printmaking are evident and his passion for teaching is clear. I learned so much from him! Nina Callanan, past participant, Fine-Art Printmaking workshop

Go from the field to the lab as you discover how to turn your black-and-white photographic images into stunning exhibition-quality prints.
With the help of internationally renowned master printer and photographer Tony Bonanno, participants venture out to nearby locations where we photograph the scenic spring beauty of Northern New Mexico. We then return to The Workshops state-of-the-art digital lab to process and print our images using Epson printers, inks, and papers. You print your own images on selected paper types to assess the output quality and characteristics of different media.

During digital lab sessions, we explore the qualities that distinguish a fine black-and-white print, using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to customize a processing and printing workflow that emphasizes composition, presence, and luminosity. In-depth discussions cover topics such as choosing hardware and software; post-processing to enhance image composition, color management, and display calibration; media profiles; archival paper types and ink compatibility; storage and handling of fine-art prints; printer maintenance; and troubleshooting of common printing problems.

Join Tony as he shares his expert knowledge and assists you in complementing your artistic vision with the know-how to create top-notch black-and-white photographic prints.


Tony Bonanno: Tony Bonanno is an internationally renowned photographer who has worked extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe, the Carib...

© Tony Bonanno
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