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Seeing in Black and White

with Will Van Beckum
March 31 - April 4, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

The total immersion into my photography was supported by the entire staff. There were no distractions to take me away from learning.
Cathy Ryan, past Will Van Beckum workshop participant

The black-and-white photograph simplifies an image down to its purest traits. It embraces light and form, distilling both to create an understated elegance not possible with color. Over four days, participants gain a fresh perspective on their photographic vision by using various exercises to calibrate their eyes towards the lighting and form that make black-and-white photographs so compelling.

We take advantage of the starkly beautiful springtime landscape of Northern New Mexico to practice seeing the vital components of a successful black-and-white image. We explore the ways that different tones and hues translate into the monochromatic palette, learning how to effectively visualize the black-and-white output of any given scene. You benefit from both vision-altering exercises and technical skills that alter the way that you look at your photographic world, while utilizing camera and software skills to maximize the quality of your finished image.

Will provides ample on-location opportunities, classroom instruction, image critique, portfolio reviews, and even time for printing. Whether your subject matter of choice is portraiture, still life, documentary, or landscape, you gain skills that transform the way you see and set you on the path toward visualizing your images in black and white.


Will Van Beckum: Will Van Beckum is a photographer and educator based in Santa Fe. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at Emerson College, where he...

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