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Painting the Passion of Flamenco
with Jeremy Sutton
March 24 - March 28, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


Santa Fe has a rich history of Flamenco and is home to many acclaimed dancers and musicians. The striking gestures, strong shapes, dramatic lighting, infectious energy and powerful passion of Flamenco has inspired artists ranging from John Singer Sargent to Fabian Perez. This workshop offers a special opportunity to follow in their footsteps by digitally painting from your photographs to capture the raw beauty of this powerful song and dance tradition.

Our week begins with an inspiring photo session with local Flamenco performers; this provides the raw material for the digital work ahead. Jeremy then introduces Corel Painter X3 and the Wacom tablet, tools for transforming your photographs into beautiful, evocative paintings. We discover how to use these tools for optimum creative power; mastering the application, control, customization, and organization of Painter brushes; and learning to effectively and efficiently paint from photos. We also explore ways to expand our use of color and ways to apply, capture, customize and organize paper textures.

Jeremy shares his approach and techniques for creating work from photo reference, while also assisting you on an individual basis. This one-of-a kind workshop—perfect for photographers, illustrators, painters, and anyone who loves the idea of combining photography, art and dance—offers you the techniques for being as precise and realistic as you wish and the freedom to create the painterly, impressionistic artwork of your dreams.


Jeremy Sutton: Jeremy Sutton is a Corel Painter Master, a long-time beta tester, and a member of the Corel Painter X3 Advisory Council. He s...

© Jeremy Sutton
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