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Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling
with Deanne Fitzmaurice
March 17 - March 21, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Her passion and authenticity made all the difference. Her global experience was great for helping us think outside the box. Don Mendenhall, past Deanne Fitzmaurice workshop participant

There’s a wide and fast-growing audience for emotionally rich, intellectually stimulating multimedia stories, and thanks to the powerful tools offered by the digital revolution, photographers are embracing new modes of visual storytelling.

Over four days, you work with Deanne to create a cultural or human-interest narrative that is engaging, provocative, and represents a unique point of view. Under her expert guidance, we work in small teams, venturing into the local community for material: Hispanic artisans, tattoo parlors, life at a fire station, “tourist town” Santa Fe, or any number of possibilities.

Concept is key; often the “how” of storytelling can be more important than the “what.” Connecting with our human subjects is also crucial, and we learn how to put people at ease, gaining the trust necessary to capture authentic moments. We discuss techniques and tools (video is an option for those with proficiency*) as well as the importance of evolving as a photographer. Whether it's a personal project or an assignment for a magazine, news website, corporation, or non-profit, you discover how these projects can create opportunities for you.

In group and individual critiques, we review our progress, all the while keeping an eye on our ultimate goal: creating honest, compelling images and audio that convey our story in the most effective way possible.

*Interested in producing a video? We suggest you take the Adobe Premiere Pro two-day intensive, March 15–16!


Deanne Fitzmaurice: Deanne Fitzmaurice is a Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller. She has received the Mark...

© Deanne Fitzmaurice
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