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An Inspired Eye
with Genevieve Russell
March 3 - March 7, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


"An Inspired Eye" is a workshop for amateurs who, confident with exposure and camera handling skills, want to extend their vision and expand their creative eye. Give yourself these four days to look, listen, ask questions, take risks, make mistakes, push through boundaries and blocks, and elevate your work beyond “adequate” to something that is honest and unique.

We spend our time experimenting with the techniques that make our pictures interesting, beginning with composition, where rule-breaking is rewarded. We learn to look at light, the essential element of photography. We explore the special vision of the camera, to see how it differs from the naked eye, and we examine the visual elements essential to creating a meaningful photograph. We “push” the settings on our camera, and play with motion and blur to show differentials in space and time. We learn to look at our surroundings with fresh eyes and develop our unique perspective.

Morning critiques of the previous day's work are followed by discussions of technical and creative concerns, as well as photographic problem solving. We spend afternoons photographing in and around Santa Fe and participants begin to see “the extraordinary in the ordinary.” Assignments encourage participants to experiment with new skills—to move beyond the technical boundaries, and concentrate on developing a personal voice and a distinctive photographic vision.


Genevieve Russell: Genevieve Russell is a photographer, personal historian, and multimedia producer based in Santa Fe. Genevieve has received gr...

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