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Intensive: Lighting and Small Studio Basics
with Terry Monahan
March 1 - March 2, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

It is always advantageous to be able to travel light (so to speak) when it comes to lighting, and making the most of your kit is a must whether you are photographing locations, products, people at work, or headshots. Join lighting expert Terry Monahan for two intense days as he demonstrates how to get maximal effect using minimal gear.

To execute assignments in a professional manner and get outstanding results, you not only need to comprehend the basic concepts of lighting but also know how to break the rules—and, crucially, to have the right tools. Participants learn how to execute various studio and location assignments using tried-and-true technologies and approaches. We discover how to get the best results from two Speedlights, if that is all that's available.

We also experiment with studio lights, Hensel Electronic flash accessories, and Chimera's panels, frames, and new Beauty Dishes to demonstrate techniques and solutions.

Come with a hunger to learn and leave with a new way of looking at lighting, as you expand your knowledge while downsizing your need for excessive equipment. The world is your studio when you have the know-how to create magic with streamlined gear!

Looking for extended instruction and even more time in the studio? Consider combining this intensive with David X. Tejada's Small Strobes, Big Results workshop, March 3 - March 7.


Terry Monahan: Terry Monahan has been photographing for more than 25 years and in that time has experienced a wide range of assignments and ...

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