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Intensive: Turning Your Photo Passion into a Photo Business
February 21 - February 22, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


Making money from your photography is not just about the quality of your images; it's also about promotion. Whether you’re deciding if you’d like to go pro, know you want to go pro but aren’t sure how to do it, or are already an experienced professional who wants to take your career up a notch, the path to success is quite similar. A solid marketing plan gives you the tools to stand out and increase your income.

Using real-world tales from the front, Carolyn Potts shares her insights, tips, and strategies to sell your skills—as well as the attitudes that lead to success in an over-crowded marketplace. Over the course of two days, you learn to edit your portfolio and create your strategy, and how to research and reach your target audience. Carolyn provides examples of brand integration in web, print, and social media. Group portfolio edits and role-playing sessions help prepare you for in-person client presentations, networking events, and portfolio review sessions.

We learn the how-to’s of pricing assignments and licensing images for commercial use, and we spend time with a successful commercial photographer who works with ad agencies, design firms, publications, and corporations.

If you have the desire to move into new professional area and are ready to learn from someone who really knows the territory, come explore how exciting the photo business journey can be—and transform your marketing struggle into a marketing adventure.

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