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The Winter Landscape
with David Halpern
February 3 - February 6, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


The winter landscape in and around Santa Fe is special, largely due to its incredibly beautiful light, but also for the topographic, geologic, and biological diversity as well as the uniquely picturesque architecture that often seems inseparably from the natural setting. Regardless of how striking a given region may or may not be, however, landscape photography is always about communicating one’s emotional response to the natural subject in a way that evokes a desired reaction from viewers.

Over four days, David guides you in an exploration of this very process. You learn to anticipate and control the challenges of wintertime photography, see the light, compose for visual impact, and understand how best to use your tools and acquired techniques to make the most of your opportunities. We spend most of our time making images and are given the opportunity to turn those images into expressive prints in The Workshops state-of-the-art digital lab. Both in the classroom and on location, you benefit from generous one-on-one interaction with David, lively discussion, question-and-answer sessions, and emphasis on self-expression.

Exchange of concepts with your fellow participants is also encouraged, as together we discover how to control the challenges of wintertime photography and capture the breathtaking beauty of the New Mexico winter landscape.


David Halpern: David Halpern is a photographer, author, eleven-time National Parks artist-in-residence, and veteran instructor with more tha...

© David Halpern
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