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Portrait of Cuba
with Zack Arias
April 15 - April 23, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

The people of Cuba are the country’s treasure and its most dynamic force. They are friendly and generous of spirit, resourceful and resilient, and are incredibly open to sharing their personal lives and their country with visitors. This unique people-to-people educational exchange with world-renown portrait photographer Zack Arias allows you the opportunity to meet and interact with Cubans from all walks of life. With your camera as your passport, we delve beneath the tourist veil of Havana to better understand this intriguing and complicated country through direct exchanges with the Cuban people.

To offer you unparalleled access to the inhabitants and culture of Cuba two English-speaking, Havana-based Cuban photographers serve as your local guides and translators for this cultural exploration program. In alliance with Cuba’s premier photographic organization, Fototeca de Cuba, and its director, Nelson Ramírez, our unique program allows the U.S. participants to learn about Cuba's long and colorful history and engage directly with Cubans from all walks of life.

Throughout the week, shared experiences allow for insightful portraits that strengthen our cultural interactions and reveal the spirit and passion of Cuban people. We visit unique areas in and around Havana, meeting its remarkable people and discovering its natural light and colorful surroundings in locations such as the ciudadelas (little cities) of Old Havana, Centro, Malecón, Monte, Cayo Huseo, Barrio Chino, Vedado, and Cojimar. Against these stunning backdrops and in conjunction with insightful conversations with Cubans living and working in Havana, an authentic portrait of Cuba emerges.

True to the requirements of the people-to-people license with U.S. Treasury Department, Portrait of Cuba focuses on exchanges with the Cuban people and recording their amazing lives with our cameras. There will not be structured photo instruction or group critiques.

Zack Arias is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He first travelled to Cuba with The Workshops in April, 2013. After working for many years in the music industry before branching out into more editorial and advertising work, Zack’s greatest talents are his ability to work with a variety of people and getting nervous subjects to relax in front of the lens. His style is known for being simple, straightforward, bold, classic, true, and straight from camera. His website is www.zackarias.com.

$3,995 per person. Package includes: double occupancy for 7 nights in Havana (Hotel Parque Central); single supplement add $600; breakfast daily plus two group meals; airport transfers and ground transportation in Cuba; and all required visas and licenses. Hotel expenses in Miami and airfare to Miami and Havana not included. Round-trip charter airfare between Miami and Havana is approximately $500.

Zack Arias: Zack Arias is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Atlanta, GA. He first travelled to Cuba with The Workshops in...

© Zack Arias
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