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Art and Music in Cuba
with Tony Bonanno
January 28 - February 5, 2014

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

At every step I felt this sense of being both supported and yet having the freedom to explore. Nancy Lehrer, past Cuba Program participant

The tiny island of Cuba has a diverse and rich cultural heritage, and much of present-day life is defined by a passion for music and art. In spite of political and social upheaval, the Cuban people let art and music wash their troubles away. Art and Music in Cuba offers you a unique opportunity to engage with Cuban artists and musicians and to discover the country's creative culture through your camera. Join photographer and seasoned Cuba traveler Tony Bonanno and explore one of the most visually inspiring and fascinating artistic communities in the world.

In Cuba the arts are celebrated and a part of daily life. During the first years of the Cuban Revolution, music and art in English were prohibited, resulting in an artistic and musical evolution with its own unique character. Cuban music is as colorful as its art; a rich blend of European, African and American influences. Eclectic in its variety, it encompasses everything from salsa, jazz, Son, cha-cha-cha and rumba to modern reggaeton.

Our 8-day U.S. government-approved educational exchange program visits the cultural, artistic and musical centers of Old Havana and the nearby neighborhoods to meet the Cuban people and discover an authentic Cuba that lies beneath the tourist veil.

To offer you unparalleled access to the music and art scene in Cuba, English-speaking Cuban photographers who live in Havana serve as our local hosts and translators for this cultural exchange. In alliance with Cuba's premier photographic organization, Fototeca de Cuba, and its Director Nelson Ramirez, our unique program allows U.S. participants to learn about Cuba's long and colorful history and have educational exchanges with Cuban musicians and artists.

Join Tony and our experienced staff for an organized educational exchange through the largest island of the Caribbean and experience Cuba through your own eyes. Cuba is a world-renowned art destination and a musical paradise. The architecture, galleries, studios, musicians, painters, sculptors and photographers are the focus of this program to enable you to better understand Cuba’s artistic culture. There's no place like Cuba.

True to the requirements of a people-to-people license with U.S. Treasury Department, Art and Music in Cuba focuses on educational exchanges with the Cuban people and recording their amazing lives with our cameras. There will not be structured photo instruction nor group critiques.

Tony Bonanno is an internationally renowned professional photographer who has worked extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Cuba, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Africa, and Australia. His diverse subjects have ranged from the President and First Lady of the U.S. to indigenous peoples and their cultures, to capturing the beauty and rhythms of running horses in his acclaimed Hooves & Dust series. This is Tony’s fourth year leading trips to Cuba for The Workshops. His web site is www.bonannophoto.com, and you can view his work on Cuba at www.cubafotografo.com.

$3,995 per person. Package includes double occupancy for 7 nights in Havana (Hotel Parque Central); single supplement add $600; breakfast daily plus two group meals; airport transfers and ground transportation in Cuba; and all required visas and licenses. Hotel expenses in Miami and airfare to Miami and Havana not included. Round-trip charter airfare between Miami and Havana is approximately $500.

Tony Bonanno: Tony Bonanno is a professional photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His subjects have ranged from the President and Fi...

© Tony Bonanno
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