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The Photographic Project: An Eight-Week Workshop
with Norman Mauskopf
September 21 - November 9, 2013

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

One of the most rewarding experiences in photography is the creation, over an extended period of time, of a body of work on one subject or photographic idea. Robert Frank’s The Americans and, more recently, Alec Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi, are seminal photographic projects that have changed the way photographers interpret the world. Picture professionals such as photo editors, book publishers, and museum curators are drawn to long-term photographic projects and take note of how the photographer’s vision reveals itself over numerous images.

While long-term photographic projects have significant value and promise for both amateur and professional photographers, they are difficult to sustain and complete without guidance, support, and encouragement from others. Rarely are photographic projects successfully completed in isolation. This extended, eight-week workshop provides a basis in the long-term commitment needed to complete a photographic project, offering critical structure and insights from Norman and the twelve dedicated photographers taking this program.

Using a combination of planning and intuition, participants in this workshop work on a single photographic project of their own choosing. Each participant defines the overall scope of their project and determines who, what, where, and when to photograph based on the unique qualities and characteristics of their subject. Projects can be in black and white or color, using either film or digital technology. In addition to learning how to create a set of meaningful and related images over time, participants learn how to sequence their final selection of photographs into a coherent narrative for digital presentation, a portfolio, an exhibition, or a book.

The Program
This is an 8-session, extended workshop program with 3 ½ -hour classroom sessions each Saturday morning from 9:30am to 1:00pm starting September 21. Classroom sessions are lead by Norman and are devoted to critiques of new project images, illustrated lectures of relevant work by well-known photographers, and group discussions on a variety of topics related to photographic projects. A group dinner followed by the final image presentation of projects is scheduled for Sunday evening, November 10 and is open to the family and friends.


Norman Mauskopf: Norman Mauskopf is a W. Eugene Smith Fellowship recipient who has had four photography books published: A Time Not Here, Dark...

© Norman Mauskopf
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