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The Documentary Project
with Aaron Huey
June 26 - June 29, 2013

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.


Documentary photography is a compelling tool for discovering the world around you and bringing your photographic voice to light. Whether you are exploring a controversial social issue, uncovering the nature of a subculture, or capturing the emotional intensity of your family, telling stories with images is at the heart of a documentary photo project. The inherent challenge is to provide clarity between a perceived reality and the photographer's viewpoint.

Over the course of four days, Aaron explores the myriad ways to tell a story that uncovers a truth. Your journey begins before you arrive in Santa Fe, with story conception and proposal writing. Under Aaron's guidance, you choose a subject for a short documentary project in Northern New Mexico. Lectures, interactive photo sessions, and discussions focus on issues central to the documentary process: access, point of view, visual narrative, editing, sequencing, and the culminating presentation. Three days of fieldwork provide the raw materials for group photo critiques and one-on-one sessions with Aaron, whose succinct feedback enables your photography to evolve rapidly. On day four Aaron shepherds you through the final editing process to distill your work into a polished presentation.

You come away from this workshop with Aaron with skills to successfully complete any documentary project, be it a book, magazine assignment, multi-media piece, or audio-visual presentation.


Aaron Huey: Aaron Huey is a Seattle-based photojournalist who works primarily for National Geographic and Harper’s Magazine, where ...

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