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Crafting Dramatic Light with Small Flashes
with Syl Arena
June 26 - June 29, 2013

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

Syl Arena is known for his mantra, which can be heard on location and in the studio: “To create interesting light, you have to create interesting shadows.” For four days, participants explore location lighting and implement that philosophy in their own work.

Our time together begins with an examination of how lighting shapes the way a subject is described; change the lighting and you’ve changed the persona in the image. Rather than acting as documentarians, we take a pictorial approach, creating light that influences viewers' perceptions of our subjects and their environments. First we increase or decrease the amount of ambient light captured by the camera. Then, using wide range of techniques, we work to shape and color flash to craft dramatic light that conveys your inner vision. Our main tools are portable Speedlights (used off-camera) and modifiers such as umbrellas, softboxes, grids, gels, etc. We build synergy between our lighting gear and the controls of our digital cameras.

Mornings are spent on critiques and demonstrations. In afternoons and early evenings, we bring our new perspective and knowledge to on-location sessions around Santa Fe, a city renowned worldwide for its exquisite high desert light. Join Syl for an experience that transforms your artistic relationship to light and shadow.


COLLEGE CREDIT AVAILABLE (Course Level 300): For an additional fee, participants may elect to receive one hour of college credit through Hastings College upon successful completion of this workshop. Those interested in earning credit should inquire with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops at the time of registration, 505-983-1400, Ext. 11.


Syl Arena: Syl Arena, a photographer with more than 40 years of experience, is obsessed with light— seeing it, feeling it, and sha...

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