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The Platypus Workshop 2013: Digital Video Storytelling
May 17 - May 26, 2013

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

A 21st century digital storyteller has to be producer, writer, camera, sound, editor, and everything else. Just as the millennia-old platypus—a mash-up of otter, duck and beaver—has evolved and survived, so must the modern photojournalist.

In this workshop you learn how to be a digital storyteller using DSLR cameras, compact lights, wireless microphones, and professional editing software. You learn how to find a story, how to interview, how to shoot video sequences that keep your audience enthralled, and how to edit it all together.

The workshop is led by one of the icons of photojournalism, Dirck Halstead, formerly TIME Magazine's Senior White House photographer. Dirck was an early visionary in the convergence of stills and video journalism and produced video stories for such venues as Nightline. Also contributing their knowledge and experiences are Beth Corwin, an award-winning network news cameraperson, and Tom Wolsky, one of the gurus of Final Cut Pro.

Since 1999, The Platypus Workshop has trained hundreds of photojournalists in the art of video storytelling. So expect your time with the Platypus team to be hands-on, filled with professional tips, tricks, and solutions, as well as exemplary and inspiring work—and perhaps life-changing moments.

The Platypus Workshop 2013: Digital Video Storytelling
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