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Adventure Storytelling with the GoPro
with Will Van Beckum
April 11 - April 14, 2013

This workshop has already begun or is a past workshop.

The GoPro is the ideal adventure-cam. Small, durable, and waterproof, it can be mounted anywhere to capture close-ups and POV shots, a process filmmakers once could only dream of. Because the GoPro is remarkably simple in its functionality, it frees up users to focus their attention on creating a dynamic story.

Our four-day exploration starts with an overview of the technical possibilities, and limitations, of the GoPro’s straightforward design. We then move past the technical aspects to explore how this fantastic camera can enhance the narrative potential of your adventure films.

We kick off with class presentations, discussing how to communicate with your subjects, where to place the camera to get the best shot, and how to capture the moments that will simplify your job in the editing room. We then go to hands-on practice sessions before moving into smaller group assignments, where we work closely with athletes in the mountains and rivers around Santa Fe. In The Workshops state-of-the-art digital lab, participants hone their video editing techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Throughout, we examine standard storytelling techniques, learning how to employ establishing shots, close-ups, POV, and interviews to build a complete story that conveys more information than a simple montage. Take your adventure film narratives to a new level with Will and Jake!

COLLEGE CREDIT AVAILABLE (Course Level 300): For an additional fee, participants may elect to receive one hour of college credit through Hastings College upon successful completion of this workshop. Those interested in earning credit should inquire with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops at the time of registration, 505-983-1400, Ext. 11.


Will Van Beckum: Will Van Beckum is a photographer and educator based in Santa Fe. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at Emerson College, where he...

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