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This is a grab bag of workshops that are not easily categorized. From the quirky, to the outré, to the rift between space and time–there's something in here for everyone. These workshops tend to turn your technical skills on end, using a Zen mind/beginner’s mind approach. It’s time to turn things upside-down, and do a one-eighty on the way you look at the world. Starting here.

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© Alan Blakely

Fundamentals of Architectural Photography
with Alan Blakely

September 21 - September 24, 2015

Learn to approach an assignment with the eye of an architectural photographer & create a plan for success for every project

CATEGORIES: One-of-a-Kind, The Business Side, Beyond the Basics

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Advanced Amateurs


© Gabriella Marks

Farm to Table: On Assignment in Santa Fe
with Gabriella Marks

October 1 - October 4, 2015

Traverse a photographic journey through the abundance of growing, the alchemy of chefs & the keeness of a photo editor's eye.

CATEGORIES: One-of-a-Kind, Travel, Documentary

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs


© Romeo Durscher

Aerial Photography Using DJI Quadcopters
with Romeo Durscher

October 26 - October 30, 2015

Become a skilled quadcopter pilot and gain insights into the quickly expanding world of aerial photography.

CATEGORIES: One-of-a-Kind, The Business Side, Multimedia

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Advanced Amateurs, Professionals


© Karen Divine

Creative iPhone Photography
with Karen Divine

November 1 - November 6, 2015

Step into the mindset of an artist as you use your iPhone's camera to explore the color, light, and textures of San Miguel.

CATEGORIES: San Miguel de Allende, One-of-a-Kind, Creative Vision

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs


© George DeWolfe

Intensive: Authenticity—The Process of Photographic Creativity
with George DeWolfe

December 4 - December 6, 2015

Free yourself from the rules that can constrain us, and delve deeper into the skill of purely seeing.

CATEGORIES: Short Intensives, Creative Vision, One-of-a-Kind

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Advanced Amateurs, Professionals


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