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Truth and beauty, perception and insight, the infinite and the mundane. It’s all grist for the artist’s mill. Boasting one of the largest artist enclaves in the world and the third largest art market in the United States, Santa Fe is like immersion therapy for those seeking inspiration. Let us introduce you to our photographic artists in residence—Keith Carter, Cig Harvey, Elizabeth Opalenik, and Christopher James, to name a few. The opportunity to sit at the feet of these masters is yours for the taking.

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© Mark Edward Harris

The Fine Art of Travel Photography
with Mark Edward Harris

October 13 - October 17, 2014

Explore the craft of fine-art travel photography and learn to create photographs that reveal your story and experience.

CATEGORIES: Travel, Creative Vision, Fine Art

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Advanced Amateurs


© Rick Allred

Photography for the Joy of It
with Rick Allred

October 20 - October 24, 2014

Join Rick on a joyful journey to a new body of work and a new perspective on life!

CATEGORIES: Creative Vision, One-of-a-Kind, Fine Art

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs


© Elizabeth Opalenik

Dance in Cuba
with Elizabeth Opalenik

November 11 - November 19, 2014

Join Elizabeth Opalenik on an exhilarating journey into the rhythmic paradise of traditional and contemporary Cuban dance.

CATEGORIES: Cuba Program, On The Road, Fine Art

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs, Professionals


© George DeWolfe

The Black-and-White Master Print
with George DeWolfe

December 9 - December 12, 2014

Hone the perceptual abilities you need to understand how light on form creates presence.

CATEGORIES: Digital Workflow & Printing, Fine Art

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Advanced Amateurs, Professionals


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