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90 miles and 50 years. That’s what has divided the United States and the island of Cuba—until now. On Wednesday, December 17, 2014, just hours after American Alan Gross was released after five years in a Cuban prison, President Barack Obama announced the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. President Obama’s plans are sweeping and include expanding economic ties with Cuba, opening an embassy in Havana, and easing travel restrictions. These amended travel regulations still require U.S. citizens to travel with a company that organizes educational activities and people-to-people trips and that the company and the travelers remain compliant with the requirements of the general license. (Tourist travel remains banned.)

So now truly is the time to experience Cuba before it changes forever. True to our values as an inspirational resource for photographers, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops is building bridges between these two nations and their people via our cultural exchange programs.

The Workshops has developed our unique programs to foster dialogue, interaction, and understanding between the U.S. and Cuba. Our focus is on exploring and celebrating similarities, as well as what our societies can learn from one another. We can do all this thanks to an authorization by the U.S. Treasury Department to operate people-to-people educational exchanges in Cuba. For you, Cuba represents not just another travel opportunity, but the chance to become richer in thought, spirit, and vision, both as a person and as an artist.

Travel to Cuba can be complex, and our years of experience navigating logistics and language offer you the security of exploring the visual and cultural landscape of the island with a meticulously planned journey. Kip Brundage, our Director of Cuba Operations, and Havana-based Cuban photographers provide their expert knowledge of the country and guide you behind the tourist veil. Small group sizes of not more than 15 travelers encourage authentic and compelling educational visits to dance and artist's studios, local produce markets, boxing arenas, agricultural and livestock farms, and music venues, to name a few of our well-planned locations. Each program is led by a world-renowned photographer who provides insight, inspiration and encouragement.

True to the requirements of a people-to-people General License with U.S. Treasury Department, our programs in Cuba focus on educational exchanges with the Cuban people and recording their amazing lives with our cameras. There will not be structured photo instruction.

Visit the General Information section for Cancellation and Transfer information specific to our Cuba programs.

Oops! While there are no workshops in this category posted at this time, call us at 505-983-1400, ext. 11 for the most current information. We can also work with you to set up one-on-one instruction or a mentorship.

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