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Sam Abell's career, spanning four decades, has been dedicated to achieving artistic expression through documentary photography. He is chiefly known for his distinguished in-depth photographic essays for National Geographic. In addition, Sam has maintained an influential career as a writer and sought-after teacher of photography. His first book, Stay This Moment (1990), was accompanied by a solo exhibition at the International Center of Photography in New York City. His subsequent books – including Seeing Gardens (2000), Sam Abell: The Photographic Life (2002), and The Life of a Photograph (2008) -- established him as an important voice in photography and photographic book publishing. Sam has taught at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops every year since its inception in 1990. 

“I have lived a photographic life for over 40 years and am committed to sharing my experiences and insights into this creative world with others.
“There is more to a fine photograph than information. We are also seeking to present an image that arouses the viewer’s curiosity, an image that provokes the viewer to think, ask a question, or simply gaze in thoughtful wonder.
“We know that photographs inform people. We also know that photographs move people. The photograph that does both is the one we want to see and make. It is the kind of picture that makes you want to pick up your own camera again and go to work.
“I look forward to working with experienced photographers whose passion for imagemaking runs deeply through their everyday lives.  Together we will build upon your strengths and improve the clarity of your seeing, while at the same time challenging your perceptions of what your photographs mean.”