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Mentor: raul touzon

Raul Touzon is a documentary and underwater photographer who specializes in making images that convey “the eternity of a moment.” Raul has traveled extensively in Latin America, documenting its cultures and building a collection of dramatic photographs that have appeared in numerous  publications, including Time Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, and National Geographic Magazine. His images are represented by the National Geographic Image Collection and Getty Images.

A full-time educator and instructor, Raul has been producing and teaching workshops for Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for the last eight years and for National Geographic Expeditions for the last six. Raul loves the whole creative process, not only the composition and technical aspects,  but also the storytelling component of any photographic journey. He believes that photography is a by-product of an experience. You live the moment first, and the pictures will come. This is the philosophy behind his photography and the cornerstone of what he teaches.

Not only is Raul a strong believer in mentorships, he is also a product of the mentoring process. In his early years, he worked with Sam Abell and David Alan Harvey on the path to National Geographic. He knows a mentorship is the ultimate learning relationship between student and instructor. It is a deep commitment that one makes to develop, motivate, and train a fellow photographer. Some of the subjects he is excited about include dramatic lighting with small strobes, editing and sequencing to produce meaningful pictures stories, travel and stock photography, and anything underwater. He believes it is the responsibility of a mentor to walk hand in hand with the student to achieve the goals they set together.  

Visit his web site at www.touzonphoto.com.