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Mentor: Jennifer Spelman

photo copyright G Alan Myers
© G Alan Meyers  

Jennifer Spelman is an editorial and documentary photographer who specializes in portraits and images capturing the human spirit. She seeks images that whisper loudly and scream softly, speaking to both the hearts and minds of the viewer.

Her start in photography came from working at a District Attorney's Office taking crime-scene photos for jury trials. Eventually, searching for more creative outlets for her photography, she started working with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and was an assistant to some of the country's foremost photographers, including Jay Maisel, David Alan Harvey and Antonin Krotchvil. Through involvement in over 60 different workshops Jennifer honed her photography skills and also developed a deep appreciation for the art of teaching and inspiring. In addition to teaching with the Workshops, Jennifer is also a co-instructor with National Geographic Expeditions.

"I look forward to working with beginning and emerging photographers. I am patient when coaching photographers on achieving a solid grasp of the fundamentals - including camera functions, exposure and workflow. Our pace will reflect your grasp of those essentials; once they are solidified, we can work together to develop your own unique vision and sense of style. As a mentor, my intent is to provide both tools and encouragement to help beginning photographers take the next step with their images."

Jennifer's images can be viewed at www.jenniferspelman.com. She is also the author of the blog Photo Coleslaw, an outlet for her musings on photography and a resource for beginning photographers. Jennifer's images have been published in Food & Wine, B&W Magazine, Rangefinder, The Sun and Local Flavor, and exhibited nationwide. Her most recent documentary project took her through the American South making portraits and documenting the condition of black males in today's culture.