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Mentor: jerry courvoisier

Jerry's passion for sharing knowledge, combined with his many years of working as a professional photographer, business owner, workflow consultant, and author, have helped him shape a patient, logical, experiential approach to his mentoring style. He nurtures a deep appreciation for everyone’s interest in photography, from the enthusiast to the professional, and a desire to pass on to others his own love for photography. Jerry’s approach to teaching is distinguished by a straight-forward, no-nonsense learning process. He keeps the emphasis always on the photograph, and on whatever keeps people taking pictures and feeding their creativity.

Jerry knows just about everyone there is to know in the world of photography and, as you might expect, has taught many of them as well. He is particularly interested in mentoring photographers who want to improve their workflow with Lightroom, to make more creative use of Photoshop, and to move their photography to a new level by making better pictures with their digital cameras.

Visit his web site at www.jerrycourvoisier.com

Comments on Jerry’s recent Book
“While books on tips and tricks and so-called bibles teach us nothing but confusion, Courvoisier's Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop leads us way beyond that types of book to learn what we need to learn about digital photography and its workflow. My highest marks.
— George DeWolfe

“Jerry Courvoisier is, plain and simple, one of the best teachers of digital workflow and image management working today. He demystifies the digital world for both the beginner and the advanced user. For anyone shooting digital pictures, this book simply has to be on your shelf.”
—Joe McNally