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Mentor : George DeWolfe

© Lydia Goetze

A photographer for more than 40 years, George has taught at the New England School of Photography, the University of Idaho, and Colorado Mountain College. He leads workshops and seminars nationwide on contemplative photography and the contemplative landscape. Many of George's past students hold advanced degrees in photography and art, teach in workshops and universities, and are shown in major venues throughout the country, including Verve, Weston, and Leica galleries. 

George has published three books, including At Home in the Wild, and has contributed to dozens of others. His photographic style is contemplative, in both his landscapes and portraits, and his work has been shown in numerous one-man and group exhibitions. George has been teaching at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for seven years. His Web site address is www.georgedewolfe.com.

George himself was taught and mentored by some of the great 20th-century photographers and painters, including Ansel Adams, Minor White, Marie Cosindas, Gene Smith, Robert Frank, Andre Kertesz, Gary Winogrand, Richard Zakia, Bradford Washburn, and James Bama.
As a mentor, he charges students with the most arduous task of an artist's life: the development of authenticity as an artist. Through a series of exercises and assignments created over his 30 years of teaching and mentoring, George works like a coach, encouraging the authenticity, courage, and skill needed to become a real artist. Authenticity is different from originality and just trying to be different; it challenges a student to photograph who they are, not someone else.

While authenticity deals primarily with seeing, awareness, and personal world view, it also encompasses technical issues as they arise in the process. Many photographers never learn to integrate the seeing with the technical, and this is a fundamental element in George's mentoring.