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Mentor: eddie soloway

Eddie Soloway's photographs are the expression of his passion for and fascination with the natural world. His major work is divided between representational presentations of wilderness moments, where the essence of the place is of utmost importance, and celebrations of the abstract that distill the shapes, colors, and light of the earth's wild places. Additional works include photogravures that capture a sense of place, and a whimsical series of “On the Road” images.

Eddie spent 10 years working for the Institute for Earth Education, where he helped develop wilderness journeys and school curricula and conducted educational workshops in five countries. His technical skills were honed working at a custom photographic lab that specialized in the now-historic dye transfer process. Today he spends his time making fine prints, teaching around the world, leading a series of National Geographic seminars on landscape photography, and creating stock images for Getty Images.

Eddie was the first recipient of the “Excellence in Photographic Teaching” award presented by the Santa Fe Center for Photographic Arts. His book of images and essays, One Thousand Moons, was published in 2004. Eddie has been teaching for the Santa Fe Photographic workshops for 14 years. His Web site address is www.eddiesoloway.com.

“Art is about vision and heart and ideas. Technical know-how is important, but to be frank, it gets a bit boring. Put me in a room of people talking about megapixels and sensors, and I'm looking for the quickest exit to fresh air. But talk about the quality of light, an unrepeatable moment, or the essence of a place, and I'm there.
“Whether you are seeking a feedback session on the images you have made to date, or a commitment to many months of pushing hard and breaking into new ground, my role as a mentor is to nurture, inspire, and challenge. A mentor is one who listens to where you want to go, sees where you are (including your strengths and weaknesses), and offers ideas and the permission to experiment and gain expertise.
“I am most interested in mentoring new interpretations of the landscape; traditional landscapes; and projects in any genres looking for vision, editing, and ideas for getting the work into the world. I am happy to work with photographers of all levels, using any formats — large, small, plastic, digital, or film.”