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Mentor: Bobbi Lane

Bobbi Lane is a commercial photographer specializing in creative portraits in the studio and on location for editorial, corporate, and advertising accounts. She also photographs "real people" and travel for stock. Her multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 30 years of technical experience with innovative artistic interpretation.

Bobbi's clients include Aramco, Charles Schwab, GE, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Neutrogena, Mattel, Maui Music Festival, McDonnell/Douglas, Sears' Tower Skydeck, and the Morro Bay Natural History Museum. Her editorial clients cover the gamut from regional to national magazines, and her stock photography has sold worldwide for ads, posters, and billboards.
A dedicated educator, Bobbi brings insight and enthusiasm to her work, inspiring and motivating students at all skill levels. While photography is Bobbi's profession, teaching is her passion. An instructor with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for 12 years, she is the chair of the Education Committee for Advertising Photographers of America and the creator of its “Successful Emerging Photographers” program. APA honored Bobbi with a Special Recognition Award for Education on its 25th anniversary.
Bobbi is the author of Creative Techniques for Color Photography and co-author, with fashion photographer Lou Lesko, of Advertising Photography: A Straightforward Guide to a Complex Industry. She developed the content for and filmed two instructional DVDs, Portrait Lighting Techniques and Portraits Unplugged, which are available through Calumet Photographic. Her web site address is www.bobbilane.com.

“My goal is to help emerging photographers elevate their photographic work and style to a professional level, and also to hone their business practices. Specifically, this means guiding them as they develop technical expertise in studio and location portraits; learn to find the essence of the subject through good communication techniques; develop creativity and conceptual skills; and form a business plan that includes portfolio and Web site development, marketing and sales, pricing and licensing, and copyright.
“More generally, I'm interested in helping each student overcome fears, learn how to set and achieve goals, and find joy and success in the photographic life.”