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Mentor: Arthur meyerson

Arthur Meyerson, recognized as one of America's foremost photographers, has traveled the world on professional assignments for more than 35 years. His ongoing fascination with light, color, and the moment has created an impressive body of personal work as well. Arthur's photographs are collected and exhibited internationally and have been featured in many publications.

Nikon named Arthur to its “Legends Behind the Lens” Web site, and in 2007 the Houston Advertising Federation awarded him its first-ever “Only in Houston” award for “individuals who bring superior creativity, passion, and recognition to their art.” Arthur leads workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad and has taught for the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for 17 years. His Web site address is www.arthurmeyerson.com.

“For many years, I have wanted to do individual mentoring, and I am very glad that the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has provided a platform for this unique opportunity. This mentorship offers the chance to work one-on-one with me in a program designed to help you define your visual fingerprint. Besides enhancing your personal vision, we'll also explore a variety of other topics pertaining to your photographic interests, including photo projects, exhibitions, books, the business of photography, and so on.

“We will begin with a discussion of your photographic aspirations and a review of your work. Based on our initial session, I'll start giving you assignments, following up with critiques to strengthen your style as well as help you achieve your other photographic goals. Over time, my hope is to guide and inspire you toward your next step in photography. By working together diligently, I believe we can accomplish this.”