Wyatt McSpadden

Wyatt McSpadden has been making pictures since 1970, when right out of high school he went to work for an eccentric millionaire in Amarillo whose most notable art project was the commissioning of Cadillac Ranch by the Ant Farm in 1974. Wyatt covered that madness not realizing just what I was recording.

After attending a photo trade school for a year, Wyatt opened his freelance photo business in 1976. After 16 years of photographing agriculture, oil, and everything else, he moved to Austin and started anew. Wyatt is a photo survivor, having endured several economic recessions, personal upheaval, the transition from the film/darkroom era to digital capture, and cancer. Professionally he’s worked for everyone: just name a magazine. He’s even had a career-spanning relationship with Texas Monthly magazine; his first page with the magazine ran in March 1978 and a fresh new story runs in the January 2014 issue. Wyatt's web site is www.wyattmcspadden.com.