Tino Soriano

Tino Soriano was born in Barcelona, Spain. Working as a photojournalist specializing in travel photography, Tino has been honored with a first prize from the World Press Photo Foundation, trophies from One Vision European Photographic Competitions, named a Fujifilm Photographer of the Year and five FOTOPRESS prizes (the most important Spanish distinction for press photography.) UNESCO, the World Health Organization and Medical Sciences Academy of Catalonia have also recognized his work.

Tino’s latest work has included National Geographic Traveler books on Sicily, Portugal, Madrid, and Naples and Southern Italy, assignment stories from corporative and media customers, and other personal projects and photojournalist stories. He regularly lectures and teaches workshops at many universities, including Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University Politecnica de Terrassa, International University of Andalucia and Berkeley University. His web site is www.tinosoriano.com/es/portada.