Cathy Maier Callanan

Cathy Maier Callanan, co-founder of The Workshops, has run a successful commercial photography business for over 30 years. Known nationally for her portrait and wedding photography, her images have been published in Popular Photography, Rangefinder, Town & Country, Brides, Women’s World, Camera Arts, Mothering, and The Knot. As a photographer for the Heart Gallery, Cathy is committed to helping youth in foster care get adopted. She has ongoing personal photo projects in Mexico and Jerusalem, as well as documentary projects on the homeless and the wisdom of our elders; the Rosewater Network named her a “Compassionate Photographer of the Year.”

Cathy is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, and her enthusiasm and caring nature supports her students through the learning process. This is Cathy’s 18th year teaching for The Workshops. Her web site is