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Photographing in the studio. © Poan Kang

Our campus, nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, offers a quiet retreat from the bustle of Santa Fe, yet it is only minutes from The Plaza. Beautiful adobe walls, flower gardens, and shaded courtyards provide inspirational backdrops for imagemaking. Dining and housing facilities offer on-campus convenience, and comfortable classrooms foster an environment for sharing ideas and images. Our store, digital lab, studio, darkroom, and operations offices complete the framework that supports the workshop experience.

The Studio

The Workshops studio is outfitted with the latest equipment from our many educational partners. Calumet, Dyna-Lite, LTM, Bogen, Chimera, Sekonic, Savage, Photoflex, and MAC Group provide the studio equipment including stands, tripods, camera systems, meters, backdrops, lenses, gels, light banks and modifiers, and location cases.

The Digital Lab

The Workshops’ digital lab has the newest hardware and latest versions of software. Each workstation has an Apple Macintosh CPU and an NEC Multisync 25½" widescreen monitor, and is networked to a wide variety of Epson printers.

The Store

As a convenience to our participants, our Store offers a number of photographic accessories you may need during your time here. Whether it’s an extra flash card, battery, or a bottle of water, we’ve got you covered.

The Store is the one-stop shop for testing out the latest Nikon equipment. As one of our primary educational partners, Nikon encourages participants to check out bodies and lenses during your time here.

We are also proud to offer signature items available only at the Workshops, including the The Inspirational Series. Ten prominent photographers are featured on two DVDs and provide an intimate look into their love for photography.


A photographic session on campus.
© Nate Eldridge

The digital lab.
© Josh Withers


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