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Working Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
Designed for Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs, and Professionals,
the non-beginning Photoshop workshops require a certain level
of proficiency on the computer and in Photoshop. Please ensure
you have a working knowledge of the following skills.

Computer Tasks

  • Navigate to the desktop and use Adobe Bridge and/or
    Lightroom to locate files
  • Download your images from a card reader, CD/DVD,
    or jump drive to a new folder on the desktop

Photoshop Tasks

  • Tools palette: Select and manipulate areas of an image,
    add or subtract from selections, basic image enhancement
  • Layers palette: Create, delete, view, re-order, merge,
    and flatten layers
  • Adjustment layers: Edit levels, curves, color balance,
    and use related masks

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Will Van Beckum, digital lab manager, before registering for a workshop. He can be reached at will@santafeworkshops.com or (505) 983-1400 x 117.

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