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© Taylor Welch
Workshop participant in action, ©Taylor Welch, Course Coordinator


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© Jay Guerra
© Jay Guerra, participant in Sam Abell's “The Next Step” workshop, October 2011. Sam will be teaching “The Next Step” again in the fall.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
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»Our Semi-Annual Photo Contest: PORTRAITS

© Lucius Outlaw
Image © Louis Outlaw

Our first photo contest for 2012 is now open. The theme is PORTRAITS. Environmental, studio, candid, or posed. Self or pet, color, black-and-white, alternative process or iPhone. No matter what the genre, there’s a power
in a well-captured portrait, and the
capacity to connect us all through
shared encounters.

Our contest is an opportunity to join our international community of photographers and share your portraits with our distinguished judges: Amber Terranova, Photo Editor, Photo District News (PDN); Aline Smithson, Photographer, Founder/Editor of Lenscratch blogzine; Andrew Smith, Owner/Director, Andrew Smith Gallery, Inc.; and Reid Callanan, Director, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. The winning images will be featured on Aline Smithson’s Lenscratch blogzine.

The Workshops is grateful to our educational partners and sponsors who have contributed to an impressive prize list with a total value of over $15,500. The Grand Prize alone is worth over $5,000!

The early-submission deadline is March 19; fee is $30 for 3 images. PORTRAITS closes April 30, 2012.

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»Summer is on the Horizon

© Andrew Southam
Image © Andrew Southam; Andrew teaches "The Fashion Portrait" July 22-27, 2012

And our Summer 2012 workshop schedule is now online. We have returning favorites, and exciting new courses. With 57 workshops scheduled you’re bound to find ones that ignite your passion for photography.

Register now if you are interested in taking a workshop with any of these instructors—Christopher James, Chris Buck, Jennifer Hudson, Nevada Wier, Keith Carter, Andrew Southam, Eddie Soloway or Jim Richardson. Spots in these workshops will be gone soon.

Complete course descriptions, instructor biographies, and tuitions will be available by mid-March.

Review the Summer 2012 Schedule »

»Workshops in March 2012

For a snapshot of the full season download the PDF of the Winter/Spring catalog.

© Aline Smithson
© Aline Smithson

The Big Picture
with Aline Smithson
March 7 - March 10,

Aline will help you give shape to your photographic vision and learn to promote yourself and your work. Recently nominated for the fourth year for the Excellence in Teaching Award through Center, Aline will be exhibiting at the Panoptican Gallery in Boston this spring, is working on a children's book, and has several new projects including work from China.

© Michelle Dunn Marsh
© Michelle Dunn Marsh

Photographic Editing and Sequencing
with Michelle Dunn Marsh
March 7 - March 10

Under Michelle’s guidance you will hone your editing eye and achieve tightly conceived sequences of your work. An award-winning book designer and editor, Michelle has developed over 100 photo-based book projects for institutions such as Aperture Foundation, Chronicle Books, and others, and lectures nationally on photography and publishing.

© Carlan Tapp
© Carlan Tapp

Expressive Digital Landscape in Black and White
with Carlan Tapp
March 14 - March 17

Come explore the spirit of black-and-white landscapes and build your technical skills with Ansel Adam’s former teaching assistant. An extraordinarily supportive instructor, Carlan is a photojournalist dedicated to documenting the social and environmental issues that define our times.


© Raul Touzon
© Raul Touzon

Flash: The Portable Sun
with Raul Touzon
March 14 - March 17

No prior experience or complicated gear is necessary! With Raul’s expertise and enthusiasm you’ll find you get a grasp on your flash in a flash, and are ready to beautifully photograph nature, people, and everyday life.

© David Robin
© David Robin

Lighting Dramatic Portraits
with David Robin
March 21 - March 24

Who better to learn lighting dramatic portraits from than an internationally recognized portrait and beauty photographer with more than 25 years in the advertising, music, and editorial worlds? David will have you focused on mastering your lighting and aesthetic choices, and learning to create evocative and meaningful portraits.

© Patrick Donehue
© Patrick Donehue

Opportunities in Stock: Turning Your Passion into Profits
with Patrick Donehue
March 28 - March 31

Acquire the creative and business skills that lead to success in the ever-changing "stock market" from a man who has specialized in the production, marketing, and management of stock photography since 1982. Well known as an industry expert, Patrick has most recently served as the VP/chief photographer of Corbis Corporation.

© Bobbi Lane
© Bobbi Lane

Portraits: Natural and Flash
with Bobbi Lane
March 28 - March 31

This dynamic four-day workshop is for those who want to make better portraits without a lot of extensive equipment. Bobbi, an award-winning portrait and commercial photographer, will get you energized with creative camera techniques and design elements that help you capture the essence of your portrait subjects.

© David Middleton
© David Middleton

Available Light Travel Photography
with David Middleton
March 28 - March 31

In this workshop David encourages you to savor low light situations and shows you how—with just your camera and a few simple techniques—you can capture beautiful images in very little but very pretty light. A contributing editor of Outdoor Photographer, David’s photography and writing have been featured in many magazines, books and calendars.

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»News from Our Sponsors & Friends

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