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Online Newsletter for July 2009
This Issue Includes:

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Featured Workshops in Santa Fe

Featured Workshops Around the World

Featured Workshops in San Miguel de Allende

Photography Mentorships

Educational Partner: Calumet

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Summer/Fall 2009 Catalog (PDF)

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Quote of the Month

"I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it."

— Author Unknown

Participant Image of the Month
© Glen Robelen
© Glenn Robelen; Participant in "Exploring the People and Culture of San Miguel de Allende" with Marcela Taboada, fall 2008

20th Anniversary Calendar Through August 2010
© Page Bertelsen
20th Anniversary Calendar Cover
© Page Bertelsen

Keep track of dates while you support the Scholarship Fund. In honor of our 20th anniversary in 2009, we present a 20-month calendar spanning January 2009 through August 2010. The Workshops will donate $5 for every calendar sale to the Scholarship Fund. We are proud to showcase a wonderful collection of images made by workshop participants and staff in Santa Fe and San Miguel de Allende.

Each month includes holiday information for the U.S. and Mexico, as well as useful highlights for photographers:
* Solstices and equinoxes
* Full and new moons
* Famous photographer birthdates
* Season start dates for the Workshops

Buy your limited edition calendar online now!

To request a printed catalog, send an email to: Include your name and complete address.

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News Shorts
» San Miguel de Allende: Early Registration Discount
The deadline for the "early registration" discount of $100 off each workshop in San Miguel de Allende has been extended to September 1. Don't miss out on some of the incredible workshops being offered by David Hobby, Paul Elledge & Leasha Overturf, Jock Sturges, and Greg Gorman, to name just a few. View the full list of workshops and call the Workshops to register at (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

© David Samuel Robbins
» Special Discount: Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon
Join David Samuel Robbins in visually astounding and culturally fascinating Bhutan. It is utterly unique in a world that seems to grow smaller and more homogenous with each passing day. A country of almost surreal natural beauty, it is graced with a traditional culture deeply rooted in Buddhist values and practice. Until August 1, eNews subscribers will receive a $500 discount off the tuition as well as a waiver of the $795 single supplement fee for solo travelers. View the course description and information on registering.

» Instructor Image Presentations—FREE
Just a reminder for those of you who will be around Santa Fe this summer: Don't forget the inspiring instructor presentations on Monday and Tuesday nights starting at 8:30pm. Once again, these will be held at the Santa Fe Prep Auditorium on Camino Cruz Blanca, just across the street from our campus. View the schedule at

» Get LinkedIn to the Workshops
We’re extending your Santa Fe Photographic Workshops experience to LinkedIn and inviting all of our participants, staff, instructors, and partners to join the community. We’ll keep it updated with newsworthy items from the Workshops while you help us grow this network aimed at supporting photographic inspiration and instruction.
Join the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops group now!

Featured Workshops in Santa Fe
© Renie Haiduk
© Renie Haiduk
Portraits Wrapped in Silver
Renie Haiduk
July 19-25

Calling all film users! If you long for the creative ambience of classic black-and-white film and the traditional darkroom, this workshop is an opportunity to liberate your photographs from what Richard Avedon called “the tyranny of technology.” Through the hands-on magic of the darkroom, we transform our images into the unmistakably sensuous format of silver-gelatin prints. Daily reviews of the previous day’s work encourage participants to articulate their unique interpretations of a portrait on paper. We experience how the contact sheet serves as a memory trigger, bringing back with full clarity the thoughts, feelings, and visual gifts of the day.

© Elizabeth Opalenik
© Elizabeth Opalenik
Imagination and Dreams
Elizabeth Opalenik
July 26-August 1

Elizabeth Opalenik has never forgotten the exciting moment, some 30 years ago, when she realized that she could convey her feelings and thoughts through her photographs. This workshop is about searching for that excitement and those images that move and sustain us. Good images don’t just happen. Most often, our best work lies just beyond our greatest failures. In the supportive environment of this workshop, we learn to use those failures to forge new ideas and new paths.

© Chris Buck
© Tony Sweet
The Intimate Scenic and the Digital Edge
Tony Sweet
August 2-8

This workshop is an exciting blend of creative outdoor photography, hands-on technical instruction in the latest digital tools, and daily critiques. We spend the week seeking out small, interesting scenes to interpret photographically, while incorporating compositional techniques to isolate the subject and simplify composition. The result is a more dramatic and powerful image. Along with learning to see more cleanly and simply, participants acquire a greater understanding and more effective use of software, an integral element in modern digital photography.

Also available the week of August 2-8:
Designing Photographs with Norman Mauskopf
Environmental Portraiture with Jonathan Torgovnik
Staying Fresh: Being Successful as a Photographer with Joe Buissink

To register for any of the above workshops, please call (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

Featured Workshops Around the World
© Jerry Courvoisier
© Jerry Courvoisier
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Jerry Courvoisier and Susan Hayre Thelwell
October 2-7

The annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is an extravaganza of color that celebrates the world’s oldest aviation sport. The photographic opportunities abound. We spend the week photographing behind the scenes, meeting world-class balloonists as they prepare for competitions and events, learning the mechanics of the sport from the balloon pilots, and gaining an overview of the history of ballooning. Additional photography excursions take us to awe-inspiring Acoma Pueblo and Santa Fe, the “City Different.” This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Jerry is also leading a workshop to Australia, November 12-21. This insider’s tour takes you to remote and exclusive locations, including the Flinders Ranges, with its renowned mountain views and gorges.

© Renie Haiduk
© Renie Haiduk

Tanzania: African PhotoAdventure
Eddie Soloway and Renie Haiduk
December 4-14

Experience the classic romance of old Africa on our second PhotoAdventure to Tanzania and the Serengeti with photographers Eddie Soloway and Renie Haiduk. The Kiswahili word “safari” means “journey,” and this promises to be an epic one for the adventurous traveler in search of an African countryside that is still wild and unspoiled.

This workshop includes time on a privately owned 10,000-acre ranch of Ndarakwai, the Serengeti Plains, a visit to Olduvai Gorge, and an overnight at the Ngorongoro Crater. The workshop also includes opportunities to meet and photograph the Maasai people.

Call the Workshops for further details on either workshop or to register (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

Other Around the World workshops to consider this fall are:

Colossal Rome with Tomasz Tomaszewski and Diana Grandi, September 20-26
Autumn on the Coast of Maine with David Middleton, October 14-18
A Natural Eye: Ghost Ranch, New Mexico with Eddie Soloway, October 21-25
Mexico: The Spirit of Day of the Dead with Arthur Meyerson and Sebastian Belaustegui, October 30-November 6

Digtal Lab Offerings in Santa Fe
© Jamey Stillings
© Jamey Stillings, imaging by Big Swing
As Jerry Courvoisier says, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are the "complete package!" Come to Santa Fe August 2-8 and learn how these two function together to remarkably improve efficiency in the digital photography workflow by automating routine tasks. Digital Imaging Essentials: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom explores the possibilities, limitations, essential shortcuts, and straightforward techniques for getting the most out of the digital photography process.

If you have the basics of Photoshop mastered, consider the August 17-21 workshop called Adobe Photoshop: The Next Step with digital master Stephen Yadzinski. Designed for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, photo lab technicians, and educators, “The Next Step” inspires participants to advance their professional and personal imaging work under Stephen’s guidance. The workshop content reflects what participants have told us they wanted to learn next in Photoshop, including proven techniques, tricks, creative ideas, and timesaving tips that can double productivity.

Finally, for those enamored with the idea of creating black-and-white digital images, have a look at Susan Hayre Thelwell's workshop titled Black and White: Capture to Print August 24-28. Explore northern New Mexico’s distinctive light, expansive landscape, and unique culture in this dynamic workshop for beginning digital photographers. Learn the correct camera settings for optimal exposures, we then explore conversion methods from color capture to black and white in Photoshop, then move on to the black-and-white printing process.

You can register for any of the above classes online or by calling the Workshops at (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

Photography Mentorships
Work One-on-One with World-renowned Photographers
Designed for advanced amateur photographers and professionals, our Mentorship Program connects you with talented photographer instructors—from anywhere in the world. The customizable program focuses on your goals, whether it’s refining your photographic style, exhibiting in a gallery, publishing a book, or recreating your portfolio. Our mentors draw from their lifelong careers in photography to help you develop and expand your passion for imagemaking.
We’re thrilled to present twelve veteran photographers as our mentors:

Sam Abell, George DeWolfe, Patrick Donehue, Bobbi Lane, Arthur Meyerson, David Middleton, Elizabeth Opalenik, Eddie Soloway, Mary Virginia Swanson, Alan M. Thornton, John Weiss, and Nevada Wier.

The Photography Mentorships program offers three customizable options spanning one year, six-months, or single sessions.

• Year-long mentorship: tailored to participant’s goals and structured to include photographic assignments, online critiques and phone consultations every three weeks.

• Six-month mentorship: tailored to participant’s goals and structured to include photographic assignments, online critiques and phone consultations every three weeks.

• Single sessions: provide the opportunity to focus on a specific topic for one hour with a mentor.

Learn more about the program and our mentors by visiting

Featured Mentor: George DeWolfe
As a mentor, George DeWolfe charges students with the most arduous task of an artist's life: the development of authenticity as an artist. Through a series of exercises and assignments created over his 30 years of teaching and mentoring, he works like a coach, encouraging the authenticity, courage, and skill needed to become a real artist. Authenticity is different from originality and just trying to be different; it challenges a student to photograph who they are, not someone else.

While authenticity deals primarily with seeing, awareness, and personal world view, it also encompasses technical issues as they arise in the process. Many photographers never learn to integrate the seeing with the technical, and this is a fundamental element in George's mentoring.

© Lydia Goetze
© George DeWolfe
© Lydia Goetze
© George DeWolfe
© Lydia Goetze
© Lydia Goetze

Educational Partner: Calumet
Calumet Travelites are Now Radio-Enabled

Radio triggers are used in almost every photographic studio these days, and now they're in Calumet's Travelites too.

Optional PocketWizard or LiteLink receiver cards plug directly into the Travelite 375R and 750R, eliminating the need for PC cords. And by using the specific selectable frequencies of these radio trigger systems, you'll be the only one setting off your flashes.

For over 15 years, Travelites have been the flash-of-choice for countless pros and enthusiasts alike. The new models incorporate all the smart features of previous generations, including five stops of variable power and Travelpak battery compatibility for mobile use.

Plus, all Travelites come with a five-year warranty, ensuring their dependability for the haul.

Learn About Radio-Enabled Travelites »

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