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Online Newsletter for June 2009
This Issue Includes:

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Featured Workshops in Santa Fe

Featured Workshops Around the World

Featured Workshops in San Miguel de Allende

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Summer/Fall 2009 Catalog (PDF)

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Quote of the Month

"Photography, as we all know, is not real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world."

— Arnold Newman

Participant Image of the Month
© Gloria Whitney
© Gloria Whitney; Participant in "On Assignment in Santa Fe" with Robb Kendrick, fall 2009

20th Anniversary Calendar Through August 2010
© Page Bertelsen
20th Anniversary Calendar Cover
© Page Bertelsen

Keep track of dates while you support the Scholarship Fund. In honor of our 20th anniversary in 2009, we present a 20-month calendar spanning January 2009 through August 2010. The Workshops will donate $5 for every calendar sale to the Scholarship Fund. We are proud to showcase a wonderful collection of images made by workshop participants and staff in Santa Fe and San Miguel de Allende.

Each month includes holiday information for the U.S. and Mexico, as well as useful highlights for photographers:
* Solstices and equinoxes
* Full and new moons
* Famous photographer birthdates
* Season start dates for the Workshops

Buy your limited edition calendar online now!

To request a printed catalog, send an email to: Include your name and complete address.

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News Shorts
» Featured on!
As part of an adult summer camp article, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops was featured in the Travel section of on Friday, May 29, 2009. Check it out!

» Instructor Image Presentations—FREE
For those of you living in or near Santa Fe, don't forget the upcoming instructor presentations on Monday and Tuesday nights starting at 8:30pm. Once again, these will be held at the Santa Fe Prep Auditorium on Camino Cruz Blanca, just across the street from the Workshops campus. The first two nights of presentations will be June 22 and 23. Click here for a schedule or call the Workshops for an up-to-date schedule (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

» Forging New Partnerships
The Workshops is pleased to announce its new partnerships with SmugMug and Outside magazine. Watch for more information in the July e-Newsletter.

» Summer/Fall Catalog Available to Download

Did you know that you can download the full catalog from our web site or check out the course descriptions online? Workshops are offered in Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende and various destinations around the world. Call us to discuss the best workshop for you! (505) 983-1400, ext. 11

Featured Workshops in Santa Fe
© Carlan Tapp
© Carlan Tapp
Seeing Light
wtih Carlan Tapp
June 28-July 4, 2009

Novice photographers and professionals alike sometimes take for granted what light is about and forget its subtleties. The highest function of the photographer is to translate these elements of light and allow viewers to see things they have not seen before. This workshop is about taking the time to slow down, look at the light, and think about what it is we want to say through our photographs.

Discussions, daily image reviews, and assignments fill the days as we see, frame, and translate light into photographs.

© Joshua Withers
© Joshua Withers
Advanced Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
with Joshua Withers
June 28 - July 4, 2009

Participants in this workshop use their own photographic images to practice advanced techniques for photo-realistic retouching and photo-surrealistic image compositing. Topics include developing the best strategies for compositing complex yet realistic image combinations using Photoshop’s layers and masks, using blending modes, exploring the History palette, advantages of channels and paths, creating custom actions for productivity, color correcting for image consistency, manipulating photographic elements, and advanced retouching techniques. Each topic is explained in detail with plenty of time for individual exploration. This is a workshop for those proficient in Photoshop who are looking to learn advanced power and capabilities, while focusing on creativity.

© Chris Buck
© Chris Buck

The Surprising Portrait

with Chris Buck
June 28 - July 4, 2009

Nothing charms like a surprise, yet in portraiture there seems to be so little of it. This workshop explores a different approach to portraiture. We examine the strategies and pitfalls involved in executing truly fascinating portraits of celebrities and regular folks alike, as we learn to deal gracefully with time constraints, shy or difficult subjects, and our own fears.

Assignments concentrate on taking ordinary portrait situations, both in the studio and on location, and making intriguing images out of them. Classroom discussions cover the business side of professional portrait photography, including building and maintaining a successful career, marketing, challenges and opportunities of new technologies, and how to stay vital and creative in a competitive commercial environment.

Also on the upcoming Summer schedule:
June 21-27:

The Color Moment with Arthur Meyerson
Alternative Photographic Processes with Christopher James
Mastering the Portrait with Karen Kuehn

June 28-July 4:
Digital Photography: The Next Step with Marcia Reifman
The Personal Photographic Image with Cig Harvey

To register for any of the above workshops, please call (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

Featured Workshops Around the World
© Bob Smith
© Bob Smith
The Whales of Alaska
with Scott Frier and Bob Smith
July 20 - July 27, 2009
Discounted package price now available: $2750

Spend six incredible days photographing humpback whales in Auk Bay and the Inside Passage, off the coast of Juneau, Alaska. We observe them up close as they feed in groups and perform the "bubble-net" feeding technique or lunge feeding. We capture spectacular breaching displays, when the 45-foot-long whales thrust themselves into the air in a tremendous explosion of water. In addition to the whales, we can expect to encounter otters, seals, sea lions, and a wide variety of marine birds. A 40-foot-long charter boat takes us to a variety of sites around the rich waters near Juneau.

Both Bob and Scott accompany the group into the field each day and are always available to answer questions and provide assistance. In the evenings we return to our home base, the Goldbelt Hotel in Juneau. Classroom sessions include reviews and critiques of the day's images, as well as discussions on creativity and composition.

© John Weiss
© John Weiss

Ireland: Portraits of Western Ireland
with John Weiss
July 27 - August 6, 2009

Western Ireland is a land of remarkable light, rugged natural beauty, and warm people eager to share their rich heritage of music, folklore, literature, and history. From our home base in County Mayo, we travel south to Connemara and north to Achill Island, photographing tiny villages, hidden beaches, ancient abbeys, and Druid woods. Days are spent photographing in two or three locations—special places you could never find on your own.

Workshop leader is John Weiss and our guide is the well-known photographer and author, Ron Rosenstock. Ron has a long standing love affair with Ireland and has guided tours to Ireland for the last 30 years. His affection for the land and the people is contagious.

Accommodations are at Hillcrest House, a comfortable home, set in rolling green fields, with a view of Croagh Patrick. At our home base, which exclusively hosts photography groups, you will enjoy local culinary favorites for breakfast and dinner prepared by a resident cook. This charming setting provides both inspiration and respite.

For complete information, please contact Strabo International Tour Company at (607) 756-8676, or call John Weiss at (410) 392-2929. Please mention that you learned about this opportunity through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

Featured Workshops in San Miguel de Allende
© Paul Elledge
© Paul Elledge
In the fall of 2009, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops returns to San Miguel de Allende for the ninth year to present a four week series of photography workshops. San Miguel is one of Mexico’s most charming colonial towns. Rich in culture, heritage, holidays, and fiestas, it is a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has long been a center for the arts and home to an international community of artists, writers, and sculptors. Our workshops are hosted on a lovely campus a few blocks from el Jardín, the central plaza. Comparable to a small European city, San Miguel’s people are gracious and warm, and it is a safe town where strolling the picturesque streets at night is a local tradition.

Below are just a couple of the 15 workshops being offered.

Contemporary Black-and-White Portraits

with Paul Elledge and Leasha Overturf
October 18 - October 25, 2009

This is a workshop for accomplished photographers who are ready for the challenge of overcoming the limited nature of traditional portraiture. To create dynamic portraits, Paul and Leasha encourage participants to avoid photographic clichés and discover new ways of seeing that come from one’s imagination. Through lectures, critiques, demonstrations, assignments, portfolio reviews, and study of their own portraits, Paul and Leasha inspire the class to forgo the traditional rules of portrait making to define a more contemporary approach. The workshop emphasizes creating one’s own style of portraiture through the non-traditional use of black and white and environment.

Dancing with the Ambient: Using Small Flashes
with David Hobby
October 18 - October 25, 2009

No strobe can compete with Mother Nature when it comes to soft, beautiful, glowing light, but photographers can learn to expand their control of natural light. Photographers who can skillfully combine flash with existing light have a nearly unlimited range of exposure options. In this workshop, we learn to light with flash by building lit photos around an existing ambient environment. We begin by learning to master our small flash units, working entirely in manual mode. Once in complete control of our flashes, we need never again be dependent on the vagaries of TTL. Under David’s expert guidance, we learn to control ambient light to suit our specific photographic vision, and to enhance it with the use of flash.

Early Registration Discount!

Participants registering for workshops in San Miguel de Allende before July 1, 2009, receive a discount of $100 off each workshop. Call the Workshops to register at (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

Center News

© Sara Stathas
JUNE 4-7, 2009

Center is honored to provide the photographic community with a dynamic platform to exhibit and support photography at Review Santa Fe. Please join Center and photographers from all over the world at the Portfolio Viewing happening in conjunction with the annual portfolio review event. For more information on Review Santa Fe, please visit

Friday, June 5, 6:00-8:00pm, free and open to the public
Center for Contemporary Art (CCA)
1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe

Review Santa Fe opens its doors to the public for a one night exhibit of the outstanding photographic works of 100 top image-makers who will show their portfolios and discuss their work. This year’s photographic projects explore significant topics including, social, environmental, political issues and more.

Get a bird's eye view of contemporary image-making by visiting ‘The Review Santa Fe 100’ an online listing and showcase of the 2009 photographers.

Center is excited to team up with Flak Photo editor, Andy Adams, for a summer-long feature highlighting forty-five of the 2009 Review Santa Fe photographers in an online gallery from May 27-July 28, 2009. 

Flak Photo is a contemporary, online photography magazine that highlights new series work, photo books and gallery exhibitions from established and emerging photographers. Take a look at this worthy online magazine at

Photography Mentorships
Work One-on-One with World-renowned Photographers
Designed for advanced amateur photographers and professionals, our Mentorship Program connects you with talented photographer instructors—from anywhere in the world. The customizable program focuses on your goals, whether it’s refining your photographic style, exhibiting in a gallery, publishing a book, or recreating your portfolio. Our mentors draw from their lifelong careers in photography to help you develop and expand your passion for imagemaking.
We’re thrilled to present twelve veteran photographers as our mentors:

Sam Abell, George DeWolfe, Patrick Donehue, Bobbi Lane, Arthur Meyerson, David Middleton, Elizabeth Opalenik, Eddie Soloway, Mary Virginia Swanson, Alan M. Thornton, John Weiss, and Nevada Wier.

The Photography Mentorships program offers three customizable options spanning one year, six-months, or single sessions.

• Year-long mentorship: tailored to participant’s goals and structured to include photographic assignments, online critiques and phone consultations every three weeks.

• Six-month mentorship: tailored to participant’s goals and structured to include photographic assignments, online critiques and phone consultations every three weeks.

• Single sessions: provide the opportunity to focus on a specific topic for one hour with a mentor.

Learn more about the program and our mentors by visiting

Featured Mentor: Mary Virginia Swanson
Mary Virginia Swanson's goal is to help photographers find the strengths in their work and identify appreciative audiences for it. Her diverse professional background includes coordinating educational, publication, and exhibition programs for a wide range of institutions and businesses, and she is considered an expert in the area of marketing and licensing fine art.

Mary Virginia currently works individually with photographers as a marketing consultant and is a sought-after portfolio reviewer at events such as Review Santa Fe, FotoFest, and PhotoLucida. Her workshops and lectures on the subjects of industry awareness and marketing opportunities have helped numerous photographers move their careers to the next level.

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