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April 8, 2014
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

san miguel de allende

© Tricia Cronin

Its cobblestone streets, gracious people, and rich cultural heritage make San Miguel de Allende, Mexico a photographer’s dream. Santa Fe Workshops returns this fall with a variety of workshops running October 19-November 7. Register by June 1 and get an early registration discount of $100. Register for San Miguel now!


© Douglas Frierott

Our Summer 2014 catalog covers workshops running in Santa Fe through September, new September workshops in Snowmass, Colorado and the Fall program in San Miguel de Allende. Review them all in this downloadable PDF from our web site.





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© Reid Callanan

Santa Fe Workshops founder and director, Reid Callanan, is on Instagram! Follow his photo adventures in Santa Fe, L.A., Havana, Austin, and more at





© Caitlyn Soldan, past participant in a Christopher James Alternative Processes workshop. Christopher next teaches Wet Plate Collodion June 22-27 and Advanced Alternative Processes: Projects June 29-July 4.



















© Tania Vasallo
© Taylor Welch

Pass along your passion for photography to the next generation. Any parent or grandparent who attends a four-day or longer workshop in Santa Fe receives a $250 credit for their child or grandchild to attend during the same week.
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© Zach Doleac
© Megan Westervelt

Can’t get enough of Santa Fe Photographic Workshops? If you take two or more four-day or longer workshops in Santa Fe during the same calendar year you’ll receive a 10 percent discount off the tuition of the lower-priced workshop(s).
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Nikon  Epson





Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
505 . 983 . 1400

»Summer's on the Horizon

Austin Seminar Series
© Marco Grob

Our Summer 2014 season (and 25th anniversary) starts June 21 and runs through August 10! Each week, we offer 2-day weekend intensives and 5-day workshops, running back-to-back. The 5-day workshops start with a Sunday evening welcome reception and close with the always-inspiring Friday evening group dinner and image presentation.

Some of our newest offerings include Marco Grob leading The Editorial Portrait, The Art of Travel Storytelling with Kike Calvo, a Creative Infrared workshop with Laurie Klein, plus the return of the very popular The Project Workshop with National Geographic editor Elizabeth Krist.

Want advice on mixing and matching and maximizing your workshop experience? Our seasoned staff is happy to work with you; call us at (505) 983-1400 ext 111.

See the Summer 2014 Schedule and Register Online  »

»The Seminar Series: Austin

Austin Seminar Series
© Wyatt McSpadden, © Randal Ford

Is it still possible to have career in editorial and advertising photography? Yes, but it's more challenging than ever and you need to be armed with an up-to-date understanding of the current marketplaces, both regional and national.

Join Randal Ford and Wyatt McSpadden in Austin, Texas for this two-day intensive seminar and get ready to leap forward in your photographic career.

An Insider's View: Editorial and Advertising Photography
May 17 - May 18, 2014
with Randal Ford and Wyatt McSpadden

Working professionals, emerging professionals, and college and university photography majors are encouraged to attend. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Getting the Job
  • Prepping for the Job
  • Shooting and Finishing the Job

With the insights and encouragement you receive from Randal and Wyatt you’re sure to catapult your career light years ahead of where you are today.

Register for An Insider's View: Editorial and Advertising Photography »

The other seminars in the Austin series are:

May 17 - May 18, 2014
Nikon D800: Successfully Using Your Camera
with Michael Clark

May 17 - May 18, 2014
Intro to Alternative Processes and Digital Negatives
with Eduardo Muñoz-Ordoqui

May 17, 2014
Fine-Art Black-and-White Digital Printmaking
with Bill Kennedy

The Austin seminars will be held at St Edward's University, right on Congress Avenue.

Register for a Seminar Series: Austin workshop and see the details  »

»Scholarships: Deadline May 15

Austin Seminar Series
© Christina Kennedy, past scholarship recipient

Santa Fe Workshops is committed to creating opportunities for photographers of all ages and skill levels. For workshops running between June and December 2014, we are offering six scholarships totaling $8,000—two awarded by Nikon and four by The Workshops.

Nikon Scholarship: (two available) up to $1,000, open to all
Passionate Photographer: (two available) up to $1,500, open to all
Emerging Photographer: (one available) up to $2,000 is available to 18-30 year olds
New Mexico Resident: (one available) up to $1,000, for full-time New Mexico resident

We are also pleased to announce a new, faster electronic application process. Get all the details on our web site, get your applications in, then pack your bags and come see us soon!

The deadline for Summer 2014 scholarship applications is May 15, 2014.

Scholarship details and application form »


»The Next Big Thing: Time-Lapse Photography

Santa Fe Workshops Spring 2014
© Jeff Frost

If you’ve ever seen a video of stars moving across the night sky, light cascading over mountains into shadow, or a flower blossoming before your eyes and wondered, “How do they do that?” this time-lapse workshop is for you.

Join filmmaker, musician, and painter Jeff Frost for Time-Lapse Photography: New Frontiers, May 28–31. Together, you search out locations in the story-rich areas surrounding Santa Fe, from city streets to sweeping landscapes, to abandoned buildings. Then, working as a team, you create a short time-lapse film from start to finish. Throughout, Jeff shares his theories on time-lapse photography as a powerful expression of art.

Watch Jeff's fine art films War Paint for Trees and Flawed Symmetry of Prediction at and

Register for Time-Lapse Photography: New Frontiers »

»Gain New Skills, New Inspiration and New Perspective

Experiential learning opportunities abound with these inspiring workshops. Need advice on the right choice for you? Call us at (505) 983-1400 ext 111.
Carlan Tapp
© Tony Bonanno

April 22 - April 25, 2014
Fine-Art Black-and-White Printmaking
with Tony Bonanno

Join Tony as he shares his expert knowledge and assists you in complementing your artistic vision with the know-how to create beautiful black-and-white photographic prints.

David Robin
© Dan Burkholder

May 2 - May 4, 2014
Intensive: iPhone and iPad Artistry—The Next Step
with Dan Burkholder

Under Dan's expert and innovative tutelage, you explore adventurous capture and editing techniques, combined with exciting alternative printing methods.

Michael Clark
© Will Van Beckum

May 5 - May 6, 2014
Nikon D800 Intensive: Successfully Using Your Camera
with Will Van Beckum

Join Will and discover why the D800 is so much more than a fancy, high-resolution imaging sensor.

Will Van Beckum
© Gurudarshan Khalsa

May 17 - May 18, 2014
Intensive: Introduction to Exposure—Understanding Manual Mode
with Gurudarshan Khalsa

In this two-day intensive, Gurudarshan helps you understand your camera’s tools and how to get the results you are looking for.

Will Van Beckum
© Jennifer Spelman

May 19 - May 22, 2014
Basics of Digital Photography
with Jennifer Spelman

Jennifer patiently guides you through the variables of aperture, shutter speed, and various settings and shooting modes.

Will Van Beckum
© Cotton Miller

May 23 - May 25, 2014
Intensive: Basics of Digital Printmaking
with Cotton Miller

Cotton provides an overview of what makes a good photographic print and teaches you the fundamentals of color management and printing workflow.

Will Van Beckum
© Jeff Frost

May 28 - May 31, 2014
Time-Lapse Photography: New Frontiers
with Jeff Frost

Join filmmaker, musician, and painter Jeff Frost as he exposes the process behind watching time through the creation of moving pictures.

Gurudarshan Khalsa
© Gurudarshan Khalsa

June 2 - June 6, 2014
The Artist's Way of Photography
with Gurudarshan Khalsa

An intuitive instructor trained in personal transformation, Gurudarshan helps you find the inspiration and clarity to live the life of the artist you were born to be.

Will Van Beckum
© Douglas Merriam

June 2 - June 4, 2014
Travel Photography Intensive: Capturing the Essence of a Place
with Douglas Merriam

Douglas shows you how travel photography involves capturing the essence of a place—the character and mood of its people, culture, food, and landscape.

Lindsay Adler
© Lorran Meares

June 6 - June 8, 2014
Intensive: 3-D Photography—Venturing Beyond Flatland
with Lorran Meares

Lorran Mears reveals how innovations in 3-D imaging can change the way you see the world as you explore the intersection of the real and the surreal.

See All Upcoming Workshops and Register Online »


»News from Our Sponsors & Friends

Nikon School

Nikon School 2014: Take Your Photography To New Heights

Whatever your level of experience, and with whatever camera brand you shoot, Nikon School will teach you how to make great photos!

For more information and to register for a class in your area; visit! »


Empowerment International camera request
© Carlan Tapp

Digital Cameras Needed for Empowerment International

One of the highlights of our February 2014 workshop in Granada, Nicaragua was working with young photographers who are part of the educational program we raised money for, Empowerment International (EI). The big issue for them now is equipment, as camera equipment is prohibitively expensive in Nicaragua.

This is your chance to share your passion for photography. Instructors Carlan Tapp and Morgan Smith have organized a drive for donations of equipment, mainly used (or new!) digital cameras, to donate to Empowerment International. Carlan is collecting them and then passing them along to Empowerment International, to be distributed in Nicaragua. Interested in making a donation? Please email for details on how you can help.