2013 MARCH
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

© Norah Levine
© Norah Levine; Norah teaches The Creative Pet Portrait, July 31-August 3.



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- Winter/Spring 2013 Workshops Catalog


© Peter Yang
© Peter Yang; Peter is teaching “Editorial Portraiture” March 20 - March 23, 2013.

Our robust Winter/Spring 2013 offferings
range from the basics of digital photography,
to advanced studio lighting, to Lightroom
intensives. Review them all in our new
catalog, available as a downloadable PDF
from our web site


PAST Participant IMAGE:

© John Lewis
© John Lewis, participant in George DeWolfe’s Cuba program, January 2013. George teaches The Black-and-White Master Print, May 13-17.













© Richard Schoettger
© Richard Schoettger, Republic of Singapore, Honorable Mention in our LIGHT photo contest, Spring 2011.














© Tania Vasallo
Help instill a passion for photography in the younger generation. Any parent or grandparent who attends a four-day or longer workshop in Santa Fe receives a $250 credit for their child or grandchild to attend during the same week.
Full details »

© Tania Vasallo
















© Zach Doleac
If you take two or more four-day or longer workshops in Santa Fe during the same calendar year, a $125 credit will be applied to the tuition of the second, and any subsequent, workshop(s).
Full details »

© Zach Doleac















Workshops for College Credit

© Memphis Barbree
For 24 years, photographers of all levels have sought to learn from our world-renowned instructors. Now you can be earning college credit from Hastings College, too! Full details»
© Memphis Barbree
















Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
505 . 983 . 1400


»Now Gracing The Workshops Campus

© Will Van Beckum
© Will Van Beckum

They come to us from the rolling hills of Kentucky, the hot streets of Arizona, and the high altitude of New Mexico. They come as past participants and life-long fans. They come with talent, energy, and a whole lotta style.

With a drum roll (and the flash of strobes) we are pleased to introduce the cast of the Spring 2013 Seasonal Staff.

From left: Stephen Denton, Stefan Wachs, Sarah Moore, Brian Wilson, Jackie Munro, Rebecca Aherns, and Brandon Johnson.








»Summer 2013 Season Now on the Web Site!

© Noreen O'Brien
© Noreen O'Brien

For Summer 2013 we have built a new model to offer you more ways to incorporate your passion for photography into your busy schedule.

Each week during our Summer 2013 season we offer 2-day and 4-day workshops, running back to back. Our 2-day intensives run Monday and Tuesday, and our 4-day workshops run Wednesday through Saturday. This lets you to customize your program, and get more educational opportunities for your valuable time.

Want advice on mixing and matching and maximizing your workshop experience? Call us at (505) 983-1400 ext 11. And join us in Santa Fe for a 2-day, or a 4-day, or a 6-day educational and inspirational experience!

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»Learn from National Geographic’s Pros

© Annie Griffiths
© Annie Griffiths

National Geographic Traveler offers 1-day photography seminars in locations across the country. You can get insider tips from some of the most talented photographers in the industry. National Geographic’s experts share insights on every aspect of the art and science of picture taking. All skill levels are welcome.

New and informative seminars for the 2013 spring series include: Creativity with Light, Digital Photography Basics, Mastering Travel Photography, Nature & Landscape, People & Places, Photography & Multimedia, Simply Beautiful Photographs, The Travel Assignment, The Art of Nature Photography, and People & Portrait Photography.

Now offered in 14 cities. Sign up for a seminar near you today!

Register for a National Geographic Traveler Seminar »




»Unique Offerings from Santa Fe Workshops

© Eddie Soloway, Carl Moore, Ian Shive, Marie Commiskey
© Eddie Soloway, Carl Moore, Ian Shive, Marie Commiskey

It’s time to turn things upside-down, and do a one-eighty on the way you look at the world. Starting here.

A Natural Eye: Our Urban Parks—Spring in Virginia
with Eddie Soloway
March 22 - March 24, 2013

Trees and flowers are blooming, colors blossom, and the spring landscape awaits, ready to be discovered with fresh eyes.


Easter Week in San Miguel de Allende
with Sarah Meghan Lee and Jennifer Spelman
March 25 - March 31, 2013

Experience through your senses—and your lenses—the amazing array of Holy Week events in beautiful colonial Mexico.

America's Galapagos: Photographing Channel Islands National Park
with Ian Shive
May 2 - May 5, 2013

Gain confidence in your photography skills while learning about a stunning beautiful and one-of-a-kind environment.

Gathering of Creative Women
with Joyce Tenneson
May 12 - May 16, 2013

Join women from a range of artistic backgrounds for spiritual renewal, physical well-being & to celebrate the creative life.



»Upcoming Workshops!

Spring is in the air. Dust off your camera and join us!

© Aline Smithson, Bobbi Lane, Norman Mauskopf, Cig Harvey, David Robin
© Aline Smithson, Bobbi Lane,
Norman Mauskopf, Cig Harvey, David Robin

Workshops in March

The Big Picture
March 20-23, with Aline Smithson


Portraits: Natural and Flash
March 20-23, with Bobbi Lane


Classic Photography
March 27-30, with Norman Mauskopf


Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
March 27-30, with Rick Allred


Workshops in April
Lighting Dramatic Portraits
April 3-6, with David Robin


Adventure Photography
April 3-6, with Michael Clark


The Personal Photographic Image
April 3-6, with Cig Harvey


Adventure Storytelling with the GoPro
April 11-14, with Will Van Beckum & Jake Snider


Adobe Photoshop Intensive: Layers and Masks
April 15-17, with Rick Allred


Intensive: Lensbaby Portraiture
April 19-21, with Jill Enfield


Intensive: Web Presence For Photographers
April 22-24, with Memphis Barbree


Wet-Plate Collodion Portraiture
April 22-26, with Jill Enfield


Intensive: iPhone Artistry
April 26-28, with Dan Burkholder


Intensive: Encaustic for Photographers
April 26-28, with Jill Skupin Burkholder
(also available May 1-3)


Introduction to Digital Photography and Adobe Lightroom
April 29 - May 3, with Dottie Lopez


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»News from Our Sponsors & Friends

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Now Thru March 31, 2013

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Nikon School HD-SLR Multimedia Workshop
Movies, Movies, Movies

Are you a still photographer looking to transition into video? If you have never used a video capable HD-SLR camera before and want to try the latest Nikon HD-SLR Cameras, come join us and we will feed your desire to create compelling movies with the ease of using a still camera.

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