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© Rosi Calderon
The light and sky of New Mexico!
© Rosi Calderón



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- Winter/Spring 2013 Workshops Catalog


© Peter Yang
© Peter Yang; Peter is teaching “Editorial Portraiture” March 20 - March 23, 2013.

Our robust Winter/Spring 2013 offferings
range from the basics of digital photography,
to advanced studio lighting, to Lightroom
intensives. Review them all in our new
catalog, available as a downloadable PDF
from our web site


PAST Participant IMAGE:

© Rossi Phillips
© Rossi Phillips, participant in Rick Allred’s “Digital Workflow Essentials” workshop, Summer 2012. Rick next teaches Adobe Photoshop for Photographers, March 27 – 30.






















© Tania Vasallo
Help instill a passion for photography in the younger generation. Any parent or grandparent who attends a four-day or longer workshop in Santa Fe receives a $250 credit for their child or grandchild to attend during the same week.
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© Tania Vasallo
















© Zach Doleac
If you take two or more four-day or longer workshops in Santa Fe during the same calendar year, a $125 credit will be applied to the tuition of the second, and any subsequent, workshop(s).
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© Zach Doleac















Workshops for College Credit

© Memphis Barbree
For 24 years, photographers of all levels have sought to learn from our world-renowned instructors. Now you can be earning college credit from Hastings College, too! Full details»
© Memphis Barbree
















Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
505 . 983 . 1400


»Get Your Hands on a Lensbaby

© Charles Needle, © Jill Enfield
© Charles Needle, © Jill Enfield

Whether you've never heard of Lensbaby creative effects camera lenses or you are already familiar with them, these workshops with are your chance to play and experiment. There will be plenty of demo units on hand, so there’s no need to worry if you don't currently own a Lensbaby!

Lensbaby Intensive: Creativity Unleashed
with Charles Needle
February 14 - February 16, 2013

Charles, a self-described Lensbaby guru, takes an in-depth approach to demonstrating and exploring various photographic styles, employing the entire Lensbaby product line of lens bodies, interchangeable optics, and accessories.

Intensive: Lensbaby Portraiture
with Jill Enfield
April 19 - April 21, 2013

Lensbaby offers an assortment of optics that control blur, focus on the sweet spot, shape your light, and create dynamic blur. Under Jill’s guidance, you’ll experiment with the Lensbaby product line and expand your portrait-making options.









»The Great North American Backyard

© Eddie Soloway, ©Eddie Soloway, ©Ian Shive
© Eddie Soloway, © Eddie Soloway,
© Ian Shive

Scientific studies have shown that spending time in natural environments has positive health benefits, including mood improvement, stress reduction, and mental restoration. And let’s not forget the photo ops!

A Natural Eye: Our Urban Parks—Spring in Virginia
with Eddie Soloway
March 22 - March 24, 2013

Trees and flowers are blooming, colors blossom, and the spring landscape awaits, ready to be discovered with fresh eyes.

A Natural Eye: Big Sur
with Eddie Soloway
April 18 - April 21, 2013

Find inspiration along the same rugged coast that captivated such icons as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.

America's Galapagos: Photographing Channel Islands National Park
with Ian Shive
May 2 - May 5, 2013

Gain confidence in your photography skills while learning about a stunning beautiful and one-of-a-kind environment, with a recipient of the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography as your guide.









»Evolution of the Photojournalist

Since 1999, The Platypus Workshop has trained hundreds of photojournalists in the art of video storytelling. Expect your time to be hands-on, filled with professional tips, tricks, and solutions, as well as exemplary and inspiring work.

The Platypus Workshop 2013: Digital Video Storytelling
with Dirck Halstead, Beth Corwin, Tom Wolsky
May 17 - May 26, 2013

Just as the millennia-old platypus—a mash-up of otter, duck and beaver—has evolved and survived, so must the modern photojournalist!



»Spring Workshops

There’s something about the approach of spring that encourages us to grow as photographers and artists. Embrace this re-awakening with workshops designed to help you break out of winter’s cocoon.

Top to bottom: © Douglas Merriam, © Carlan Tapp, © David Robin, © Will Van Beckum, © Brenda Tharp, © Aline Smithson, © Michael Clark
Top to bottom: © Douglas Merriam, © Carlan Tapp, © David Robin, © Will Van Beckum, © Brenda Tharp, © Aline Smithson, © Michael Clark

In the studio or on location, novice or pro, you’ll learn to make compelling portraits by studying with some of the finest portraitists working today.

Basic Lighting: Studio and Location
with Douglas Merriam
March 6 - March 9, 2013

Introduction to Portraiture
with Julien McRoberts
March 13 - March 16, 2013

Portraits: A Personal Style
with Michael O'Brien
March 27 - March 30, 2013

Lighting Dramatic Portraits
with David Robin
April 3 - April 6, 2013


Creative Vision
Are you ready to tap the hidden creative forces within? These workshops challenge you to examine yourself through the prism of artistic and aesthetic sensibilities.

Beyond the Basics: Continuing Your Photographic Journey
with Jennifer Spelman
March 13 - March 16, 2013

Classic Photography
with Norman Mauskopf
March 27 - March 30, 2013

The Personal Photographic Image
with Cig Harvey
April 3 - April 6, 2013


The multi-cultural diversity of Santa Fe provides a unique opportunity to expand your travel photography skills. It’s like going to a foreign country without needing a passport.

Santa Fe: Capture to Print
with Tony Bonanno
March 6 - March 9, 2013

The Light and Color of Santa Fe
with Brenda Tharp
March 27 - March 30, 2013


Landscape & Nature
You’ve come to the right place if you’re a landscape or nature photographer. We’ll take you to the heart of it and you, too, can capture the magical grandeur of this enchanted land.

Adventure Photography
with Michael Clark
April 3 - April 6, 2013

Composition and Light in Outdoor Photography
with Bill Ellzey
April 3 - April 6, 2013

Expressive Digital Landscape in Black and White
with Carlan Tapp
April 3 - April 6, 2013


Sometimes you need to turn things upside-down, and look at the world in a new way. Add new skills to your your photographic tool kit, or try a workshop with a new instructor!

The Photographic Journal
with Suza Scalora
March 13 - March 16, 2013

The Big Picture
with Aline Smithson
March 20 - March 23, 2013

Photographic Editing and Sequencing
with Denise Wolff
March 20 - March 23, 2013


The production of motion, still, audio, text, animation, and interactivity—it’s nothing short of amazing what your creative mind can do with this much production power at your fingertips.

Basics of D-SLR Video
with Will Van Beckum
March 20 - March 23, 2013

Adventure Storytelling with the GoPro
with Will Van Beckum & Jake Snider
April 11 - April 14, 2013


Digital Workflow
We have the best-equipped digital lab this side of the Pecos, and instructors who can help you learn your apps of choice, backwards and forwards, inside and out.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
with Rick Allred
March 27 - March 30, 2013

Adobe Photoshop Intensive: Layers and Masks
with Rick Allred
April 15 - April 17, 2013


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Filter Photo Call for Entries: Deadline February 4

Open call for a juried exhibition, “Archetype Drift.” Filter’s 4th juried exhibition will run concurrently with the Society for Photographic Education’s (SPE) 2013 National Conference in Chicago. Juried by Jason Lazarus.

Enter Archetype Drift »


National Geographic Traveler Photography Seminars

Get insider tips from some of the most talented photographers in the industry with more seminars in more cities than ever before. National Geographic experts share insights on every aspect of the art and science of picture taking—all skill levels welcome!

Visit the web site to register and for more details »

© Annie Griffiths
© Annie Griffiths


The Nikon School
So that's how you do that!

No matter what you’re level of experience, Nikon School appeals to all enthusiasts who want to unleash their creative potential in translating great photographs. Regardless of the brand or type of photographic equipment a person owns, Nikon School is available to ALL!

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