2012 JULY
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

© Taylor Welch
The bustling Farmers' Market is just one of Santa Fe’s many photogenic locations, © Course Coordinator Taylor Welch


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Image ©
© Ni Rong's "Sun Dance", top 100 for SUMMER photo contest

We have 98 workshops running between
June and December, ranging from the basics
to advanced studio lighting and multimedia
storytelling. Review them all in our
Summer/Fall 2012 eCatalog
. The catalog
is also available as a downloadable PDF
straight from our web site.

PAST Participant IMAGE:

© Penny Martin
© Penny Martin, participant in Tony Corbell’s “The Power of Light,” July 2011. Tony’s teaching his popular workshop again this year, July 8-13.















Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
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»Black and White Spider Awards (We’re Boasting!)

© Marilyn Maxwell
"The Conversation" © Marilyn Maxwell, 3rd Place – Honor of Distinction in the category of Silhouette. Marilyn was also a Nominee in the category of Sports for "Bullrider"

Santa Fe Workshops alumni, staff and instructors had a tremendous showing in the 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards. As Basil O'Brien, the awards Creative Director, said, "It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 8,223 entries we received this year."

Our hats are off to: Marilyn Maxwell, Josh Blumenthal, Jennifer Bucheit, Ralph Pleasant, Tracy St. John, Shevaun Williams, Allen Birnbach, Erik Unger, Toby Snelgrove, Holly Stewart, and Susan Burns.

If you were awarded a Spider and we missed you on this list please let us know! We’ll be doing a follow-up post to Facebook next Friday, July 13.

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»Join Us for Photographic Explorations Around the World

© David Middleton, © Julien McRoberts, © Renie Haiduk
Top to bottom © David Middleton, © Julien McRoberts, © Renie Haiduk

From the great North American backyard to far-flung points on the globe, the details are covered so you can focus on exploring the culture, people, wildlife and landscapes of these remarkable places.

Escape the Heat!
Oregon Coast
with David Middleton, Brenda Berry
July 18 - July 22, 2012

Experience the Legend!
Route 66 Photo Adventure: Capture to Print
with Julien McRoberts
September 18 - September 22, 2012

Explore the Dream!
Africa PhotoAdventure
with Jennifer Spelman & Renie Haiduk
December 7 - December 18, 2012
Early Registration Discount for Africa: Save $250 by registering by August 7, 2012.

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»Upcoming Workshops in the Spotlight: July

Our 23rd Summer season is in full swing. It’s not too late to sign up for a workshop that will change the way you view your photography, and just may change your life.
© Douglas Merriam
© Douglas Merriam

Photographing the Travel Magazine Assignment
with Douglas Merriam
July 15 - July 20

Discover how to capture the essence of a location vividly and accurately with a real travel assignment for New Mexico Magazine!

© David Robin
© David Robin

Lighting and Retouching for Portrait and Beauty
with David Robin & Carrie Beene
July 15 - July 20

Create evocative, meaningful portraits and beauty images by mastering the arts of lighting and retouching.


© Andrew Southam
© Andrew Southam

The Fashion Portrait
with Andrew Southam
July 22 - July 27

Expand your relationship to fashion photography and enrich your portrait skills under Andrew’s experienced guidance.


© Norman Mauskopf
© Norman Mauskopf

The Art of Photographic Design
with Norman Mauskopf
July 22 - July 27

Explore the elements to consider when composing photographs and become responsible for everything in your frame.


© Karen Kuehn
© Karen Kuehn

Mastering the Portrait
with Karen Kuehn
July 22 - July 27

Step out of your comfort zone, find a more creative approach to portraiture, and learn to amplify the evocative.

© David Michael Kennedy
© David Michael Kennedy

Discovering New Mexico: Its People and Landscape
with David Michael Kennedy
July 22 - July 27

Break your rules and redefine your outlook on photography while discovering New Mexico’s magnificent forms, light, and spirit.


© Rick Allred
© Rick Allred

Digital Workflow Essentials: Lightroom & Photoshop
with Rick Allred
July 29 - August 3

Streamline your post-process workflow and discover how these two applications help minimize your computer time and maximize your photo time.
© Norah Levine
© Norah Levine

The Creative Pet Portrait
with Norah Levine
July 29 - August 3

Enjoy a week in beautiful Santa Fe and learn the tools specific to working with a variety of animals.

© Tony Bonanno
© Tony Bonanno

Northern New Mexico: A Photographic Adventure
with Tony Bonanno
July 29 - August 3

Experience a local photographer's view of the landscapes and cultures of the Land of Enchantment.
© Sean Kernan
© Sean Kernan

Creativity and the Photographer
with Sean Kernan
July 29 - August 3

Return to the adventure of seeing and reawaken your passion for photography; the only requirement is that you arrive ready to jump in!

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»Looking Ahead to August

It’s also not too early to plan a bit ahead. Here’s a sampling of our inspiring offerings in August.

Beginning Photography Using Digital Cameras with Sarah Meghan Lee
August 5 - August 10

A Natural Eye: The Summer Landscape with Eddie Soloway
August 5 - August 10

Photographing People with John Weiss
August 5 - August 10

Intensive: The Gardens of Santa Fe with Francesca Yorke
August 17 - August 19

Black-and-White Digital Infrared Photography with Dottie Lopez
August 20 - August 23

Adobe Lightroom Intensive: Organizing and Enhancing Your Images with Will Van Beckum
August 24 - August 26

Seeing in Black and White with David Halpern
August 27 - August 31

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© Dottie Lopez, © Francesca Yorke
top © Dottie Lopez,
bottom © Francesca Yorke

»News from Our Sponsors & Friends

National Geographic Traveler Photography Seminars

Presenting Summer and Fall Series - now in 14 cities!
Get insider tips from some of the most talented photographers in the industry.National Geographic experts share insights on every aspect of the art and science of picture taking . Your skills can improve in just one day!

Visit the web site to register and for more details»


© Bob Krist
© Bob Krist


Special Presentations: How to Make a Book that Works

On Friday, July 27 and Friday, August 3, from 3-5pm both days, Daniel Milnor, Blurb Photographer at Large, will demonstrate how to make a professional quality photography book. Topics will include what makes a great book, creating a body of work, defining book style, and more. Both presentations will be held on The Workshops campus (classroom TBD), and are free and open to the public.

Visit our Events page for complete details»


Last Chance: The Art of Photography Show Deadline Extended to July 16

Now in its 8th year, The Art of Photography Show international exhibition provides photographers with exhibition and publication opportunities, photo industry connections and monetary awards. The judge for 2012’s exhibit is Julian Cox, Founding Curator of Photography, de Young Museum, San Francisco. Final deadline: July 16, 2012.

For complete The Art of Photography Show details go to www.artofphotographyshow.com»