2012 JUNE
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

© Erik Unger
A workshop participant pauses to enjoy the beauty of New Mexico, © Course Coordinator Erik Unger


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Image ©
© Ni Rong's "Sun Dance", top 100 for SUMMER photo contest

We have 98 workshops running between
June and December, ranging from the basics
to advanced studio lighting and multimedia
storytelling. Review them all in our Summer/Fall 2012 eCatalog. The catalog is also available as a downloadable PDF
straight from our web site.

PAST Participant IMAGE:

© Rindy O'Brien
© Rindy O’Brien, participant in Julien McRoberts’ “Introduction to Portraiture,” Spring 2012.











Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
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»Summer, Santa Fe-Style

© JAke Rutherford
© Jake Rutherford

According to, well, us, Santa Fe is a top destination for summer travel. We’ve got long sunny days, bright blue skies, cool starry evenings, and an ancient, artistic city just bursting with energy. There are festivals, art markets, our world-famous opera, and concerts on the Plaza almost every day. And Santa Fe is also the place to slow down and savor the moment. A quiet stroll down winding historic lanes or an hour spent watching the sun set like you’ve never seen are just two ways to enjoy the city at your leisure.

But don’t just take our word for it. Condé Nast Traveler magazine, for the 20th consecutive year, lists Santa Fe as one of the top 10 travel cities in the U.S. Travel + Leisure magazine's "America's Favorite Cities" survey ranked Santa Fe as the #1 place for a Cultural Getaway. And Cheapflights in the U.K. said, "Who needs beaches?" and included Santa Fe as one of its 2011 Top Ten Destinations in the Deserts, calling our city, "an effortless blend of desert and arts."

We hope to see you soon! »

»Special Event: The Workshops & Eddie Soloway in Chicago

© Eddie Soloway
© Eddie Soloway

We invite you to join photographer and storyteller Eddie Soloway for an entertaining and informative presentation of Memories, Moons, and Imagination. Friday, June 29, 7:30-9:00pm at Columbia College’s Ferguson Memorial Theater. For tickets and information see our Events page.

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»Join Us for Photographic Explorations Around the World

© Brenda Barry, © David Samuel Robbins
© Brenda Barry, © David Samuel Robbins

From the great North American backyard to far-flung points on the globe, the details are covered so you can focus on exploring the culture, people, wildlife and landscapes of these remarkable places.

Oregon Coast
with David Middleton and Brenda Berry
July 18 - July 22

Oregon is one of David’s favorite places to photograph and to teach. He comes here every year because it is such a productive place to photograph.

Incomparable Burma: A Photographic and Cultural Journey through Myanmar
with David Samuel Robbins
December 3 - December 13

The Burmese people are amongst the friendliest and open in all of Southeast Asia. Visually, the country is a photographer’s paradise.

View all upcoming destinations including Peru, Route 66, and White Stallion Dude Ranch »

»Upcoming Workshops in the Spotlight

Here’s a sampling of our Summer 2012 workshops. The season kicks off June 24.
© Arthur Meyerson
© Arthur Meyerson

The Color of Light
with Arthur Meyerson
June 24 - June 29

Arthur’s acclaimed workshop is intended for both advanced amateur and professional photographers who want to strengthen their ability to see and work in color.

© Kurt Markus
© Kurt Markus

The Portrait: Finding Your Voice
with Kurt Markus
June 24 - June 29

The roads to a compelling portrait are many; give yourself the powerful gift of a week of studying with Kurt and begin your journey.

© Christopher James
© Christopher James

Alternative Photographic Processes
with Christopher James
June 24 - June 29

Christopher welcomes creative people from all disciplines and he encourages participants to experiment with a wide array of alternative and esoteric processes.


© Michael Crouser
© Michael Crouser

Finding Your Voice as a Photographer
with Michael Crouser
July 1 - July 6

With Michael as your guide, begin the adventure of developing and honing your own personal aesthetic—the point of view that is uniquely your own.


© Chris Buck
© Chris Buck

The Surprising Portrait
with Chris Buck
July 1 - July 6

Chris explores a different approach to portraiture in this exciting and challenging workshop, so come prepared to push the envelope and take risks.

© Carlan Tapp
© Carlan Tapp

Seeing Light
with Carlan Tapp
July 1 - July 6

With daily assignments in and around Santa Fe, Carlan encourages you to slow down, look at the light, and think about what you want to say through your photographs.

© Elizabeth Opalenik
© Elizabeth Opalenik

Imagination and Dreams
with Elizabeth Opalenik
July 8 - July 13

Throughout the week Elizabeth shares extensive bodies of work from her 35-year career, and each day is about finding new paths for your creative purpose.

© Tony Corbell
© Tony Corbell

The Power of Light
with Tony Corbell
July 8 - July 13

Tony teaches you with a high-energy, fun-filled approach to the technical side of photography, while keeping a close watch on the creative side as well.

© Eddie Soloway
© Eddie Soloway

Eyes Wide Open
with Eddie Soloway
July 8 - July 13

Join Eddie in a workshop experience designed to enhance your seeing—from what’s right in front of your eyes into the worlds of abstractions, reflections, layers, movement, and imagination.

»Planning Ahead? Check Out the July 15 - 20 Workshops

© Todd Williams © Todd H. Williams
The week of July 15 – July 20 will be an energetic one on campus. Workshops range from Basics of Digital Photography to Building a Career as an Editorial & Advertising Photographer.

Our instructors for the week are Rick Allred, Amber Terranova & Ryan Heffernan, Douglas Merriam, Jill Enfield, Bobbi Lane, Todd H. Williams, and David Robin & Carrie Beene.

See all upcoming workshops »

»News from Our Sponsors & Friends

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