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Juror: Reid Callanan

Reid Callanan is a photographer, educator, business owner, and father of two. He is founder and director of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, currently in its 21st year offering photography workshops to the international imaging community. In addition to his role as director, Reid has taught a workshop named "Cameras Don't Take Pictures."

Reid started his photographic career in 1976 as a work/study student with the Maine Photographic Workshops. In his Maine tenure he served as Lab Manager, Store Manager, Operations Manager, and finally Managing Director for Photography Programs. He left the coast of Maine in 1989 and headed for the high desert of New Mexico to start the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. In 1994 Reid founded the non-profit Santa Fe Center for Photography, now known as Center, and is currently an officer on its Board of Directors.

Even though "cameras don't take pictures," Reid has been photographing with a Polaroid SX-70 camera and TimeZero film since 1976. His ongoing series of personal photographs is named Homescapes.