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The Sandy Hook Tragedy: A Unique Opportunity to Help

On December 7 we announced that Brian Toogood was the Grand Prize winner of our OUTSIDE photo contest. On December 18, we discovered just how aptly named Brian Toogood truly is.

Brian asked that we auction off the prize package and that the proceeds go to the My Sandy Hook Family Fund. We, and the contest sponsors involved, were moved by Brian’s request and honored to help him achieve his goal. Lynn Harrison, a Santa Fe Workshops alum, made the winning bid of $4,863.00 on Friday, December 28 at 5pm MST on the dot. She will make the donation directly to the My Sandy Hook Family Fund. Inspired by Brian Toogood's generosity, one of our instructors (who asked to remain anonymous) will also be making a $2,000.00 donation to the My Sandy Hook Family Fund. This brings the total known donation to the charity to $6,863.00.

So now we say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who bid or who has donated thus far. The response from you all was thoughtful and considerate. We extend special thanks to the winning bidder, to the contest sponsors who so graciously supported the auction, to the anonymous Santa Fe Workshops instructor for the added donation, and to Horses For Heroes New Mexico Inc. for adding the Cowboy Up! photo shoot. The biggest thanks goes to Brian Toogood, for initiating this generous gesture. To see the full details  visit our Events page.


What do you see when you go outside? That's what we asked with our OUTSIDE contest, and 585 photographers—from 24 countries including Argentina, Namibia, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan—responded with interpretations that range from sweeping landscapes, to cityscapes, to the geography of textures, forms and shapes. Jurors Amy Silverman, Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching, Eddie Soloway, and Reid Callanan reviewed this diversely eloquent group of photographs and chose 50 award-winning images.

These four photographs represent an auspicious range of how differently we all see. We congratulate all the winners, we thank one and all for entering images of our big, wide, wonderful world, and send a special thanks to the jurors and sponsors of OUTSIDE.



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