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Juror: Crista Dix

Crista Dix is the founder and director of wall space gallery, originally opened in Seattle, Washington and now transplanted to Santa Barbara, California. Starting in this creative field as a photographer, collector and lover of the visual image, Crista decided to put down her camera and utilize her years of business management to help promote photographers and photography. With a background in science, business and creative arts, she has created a gallery space that celebrates artists' vision. Crista has been a member of numerous panels and discussions, juried creative competitions, including Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins and Photographic Center Northwest. She has participated in major portfolio reviews across the country, including Houston, Portland, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and New Orleans.

The main location for wall space gallery is in Santa Barbara; the second location is the exhibition space wall space@Utina in the South Lake Union district of Seattle. The gallery hosts a series of artist talks called Open Studio, featuring local artists, and artists of note in the community and highlights photographic artists from across the country in the gallery blog, "the flat file." The wall space gallery web site is www.wall-spacegallery.com