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Rick (Allred) was super and he did a super job with a massive task – explaining CS3 to beginners. I was apprehensive before the course, but now feel like I received a solid base of knowledge about CS3 and Lightroom upon which I can grow and expand. I now can read instruction books with a level of understanding not possible before.
- J. Michael Kelly

A lot of learning goes on at these workshops -- it is remarkable. This is a great program.
- Nell Rona

Everything was wonderfully organized. Excellent in all regards. I hope to return and will recommend The Workshops to my friends.
- Susan Rice

Joe (McNally) is incredibly entertaining, knowledgeable, an all around great guy and he really know his stuff.
- Anonymous

It has been a wonderful week that I will cherish on so many levels. Thank you!
- Barbara Rideout

Alan was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable. I appreciated his positive approach to critiques which left his students feeling proud of their accomplishments and inspired to improve.
- Jenna Conlin

This week transformed me as a photographer. I've learned more than I ever thought possible
- Erik Foss

I loved meeting so many like-minded photographers and being reminded to play, play, play when I work.
- Mary Ramain

John Weiss is a wonderful instructor that has all the knowledge needed to answer all questions.
- Daniel Morris

Eddie Soloway is a master teacher. He was absolultely organized, but still allowed room for flexibility. A very caring, gentle, encouraging, inspiring, awesome teacher and human being. The best teacher I've ever encountered.
- Kirsten Hoving

When can I do it again?
- Anonymous

The Workshops is a springboard for my professional career.
- Ron Sellers

Had a wonderful experience. Rick (Allred) was awesome. I can't wait to come back again.
- Suzanne Collins

Thank you for a very memorable week and photographic experience! Above and beyond how I imagined the week to play out.
- Jesus Benitez

I had such a fabulous time at the "Colors of New Mexico" workshop with Alison Shaw. Since I've been back, I can hear Alison's voice in my head, instructing me on the nuances of one thing or another… She is such a good, warm-hearted, knowledgeable teacher, not to mention a photographer of the highest order.
- Diana Lundin

Jay (Maisel) is a wonderful instructor, great personally and able to give me the vision and critical eye I was looking for. I loved it.
- Rocco Ceselin

Rick (Allred) is an excellent instructor and conveys his knowledge exceedingly well.
- Bill Kraft

John Weiss was absolutely incredible; passionate, earnest, humorous, engaged, and charismatic. This is a guy with great stories and the purest work ethnic.
- Erin Schikowski

This is my third workshop. Each has offered a ladder to the next level of my work.
- Karen Wilson Johnson

Doug (Beasley) was a fabulous teacher. His demeanor and attitude were incredible.
- Sarah Law

It was a life changing week for me -- thank you all for the gift.
- Kimberly Harmon

I grew as a person and photographer. Absolutely incredible experience.
- Norah Levine

Jamey (Stillings) has the best attitude for an instructor, patient, understanding, concern and a modest sense of humor that keeps everyone relaxed and focused. This class was the best learning environment I have ever experienced. Jamey illustrates passion and caring for the craft and his students equally.
- Ron Sellers

I would like to thank you all for, once again, a truly remarkable week. I know that from the moment I arrive until the moment I leave my education, comfort and overall experience is the the primary concern of all who are there to assist me. This is why I choose to attend workshops with Santa Fe Workshops. In every way I can measure, you all provide the very best workshop experience anywhere on this and neighboring planets. End of story.
- Steve Babbitt

Marcia (Reifman) inspired me not just how to take photos but more importantly, how I put my feelings into those photos.
- Daniel Leung

It's great to participate with a truly functional organization that cares about what it's doing.
- Marilyn Maxwell

I regard my Beginning Photography workshop as a life changing experience. I am deeply indebted to Santa Fe Workshops for instilling in me the artistic vision, inspiration and motivation that has flourished throughout the years.
- Joyce Woollems

Can we get more than 24 hours in a day – although I'm tired and overworked, I want more. Thank you for everything.
- Ron Sellers

Thank you for a wonderful week. I will be back.
- Dave Ohlsen

What a terrific week of seeing, looking, observing, perceiving, attending, absorbing the natural world and experimenting with ways to record it visually. I can't wait to do more. Thank you so much for making this possible.
- Kirsten Hoving

Truly a great experience. Can't wait for the next workshop. Thanks to everyone involved.
- Tony Finocchio

I never imagined that I would learn so much in 1 week.
- Beate Sass

I learned new ways to get motivated to shoot when I am home (not just in exotic places.)
- Celine Cousteau

Bobbi (Lane) is amazing. She is intelligent and very experienced. She is fun and businesslike at the same time. She is diplomatic, yet decisive. I will sign up for any course Bobbi presents.
- Jim Whiting

I continue to appreciate the effort and skills and organization it takes to run this profession institute. Thank you.
- Julia Gombos

This week was extremely challenging and pushed me to a new level in photography.
- Minnie Beier

The best thing about the week was the general SFW experience. I have been in Photography for 30 yrs and it feel really great to experience this at this level.
- Robb Johnson

This workshop has helped me to think about new ways of seeing. I feel an urgency now to go and create.
- Andi Dube

A life changing experience. Truly showed me the sacred responsibility of a photographer.
- Oscar Falero

My workshop inspired me to try new techniques so that my images may be more unique.
- Robert Karafel

Jay (Maisel)'s passion for photography is evident in every aspect of his teaching and photographs. The only disconnect is that contrary to his reputation, he is probably the most sensitive teacher I've had. A real softie.
- Jennifer Johnson

Jay (Maisel)'s the best ever!
- Ed Dahlin

Jay (Maisel) was out of this world.
- Fred Blum

Doug (Beasley) is Awesome!
- Lauren Fuqua

Eddie (Soloway) is a very thoughtful and incredibley generous educator. I'm certain that when I continue shooting at home I will re-collect lessons that I hadn't realized I'd learned.
- Judy Ausuebel





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